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The czech republic. They go shopping to Poland because it is cheaper. The Czechs will contribute about PLN 4 billion to the Polish budget

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The Czechs are to pay 5 billion crowns (over PLN 940 million) to the Polish budget only in taxes on cigarettes, the denik.cz portal reported, citing the calculations of the Association of Branded Products. He added that Czech citizens also buy meat or fuel in Poland.

The statement of the Prime Minister’s economic adviser was recalled Czech Petr Fiali, who advised his compatriots: – If you are worried about high prices in the Czech Republic, go to Poland. More and more people go shopping to the north, contributing to the budget of the neighboring country with taxes, denik.cz reported.

Czechs go shopping to Poland

– A pack of cigarettes is now cheaper in Poland by about 50 crowns, which is reason enough to buy. In both countries, about 80 percent of the price is excise tax, which is the most important factor affecting the price of cigarettes, commented Jirzi Sochor, representative of Japan Tabacco International, a tobacco producer and one of the members of the Association of Branded Products.

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According to him, cigarettes from Poland used to account for up to one percent of total domestic consumption. Currently, almost every tenth cigarette smoked in the Czech Republic is bought from its northern neighbor.

What else do Czechs buy in Poland?

It is not only cigarettes that tempt Czechs to travel to Poland.

– According to conservative estimates, which may be even more benign if I add another billion for food purchases, especially meat, as well as clothing or fuel, the Czechs will add about 20 billion crowns a year to the Polish budget (about PLN 4 billion – ed.) and no this is an insignificant amount – told the portal Lukasz Kovanda, chief economist of Trinity Bank.

Inflation in the Czech Republic

Eurostat data show that inflation in May 2023, it was at the same level in the Czech Republic as in Poland and amounted to 12.5 percent. In terms of harmonized indexes of consumer prices (HICP), this was the second highest score in the EU. They ranked first in terms of inflation Hungary (21.9%).

Data from the European Statistical Office show that in May the lowest inflation rates were recorded in Luxembourg (2.0%), Belgium (2.7 percent) and Denmark and Spain (2.9% each).

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