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The dam in Nowa Kachówka was blown up, the flood affected Oleszka. Media: Russians block volunteers’ access to the flooded town

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Volunteers are not allowed by the Russian services to flooded Oleszki on the occupied left bank of the Dnieper, the independent Russian portal Insider reported on Friday. – People are blocked in the center of Oleszek – alarmed one of the volunteers. “We are trying to arrange a way to send medicine, insulin, food, water, blankets and generators there,” she added. According to her, the occupiers require the volunteers to have a local intermediary with a Russian passport who will transfer help from them to the victims.

One of the volunteers said that Oleszki, a village on the Russian-occupied left bank of the Dnieper in the Kherson region, cannot be reached or left.

– Carriers on boats are not allowed there. One of the volunteers who got there says it’s because there are a lot of corpses, the interlocutor told an independent Russian portal. The insider did not specify who the volunteers who wanted to get to the village were.

Volunteer: the occupiers require an intermediary with a Russian passport

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Extensive flooding in the oblast is the consequences destruction of the dam on the Dnieper River in Nowa Kachówka, which formed the Kachowski Reservoir stretching for 240 km. Authorities Ukraine announced on Tuesday that the Russians had blown up the dam. The hydroelectric power plant located on the dam was completely destroyed, and dozens of surrounding settlements and cities were flooded with water.

Oleszki is located near the Dnieper – almost opposite Kherson, which was also heavily affected by the flood – and about 80 kilometers from Nowa Kachówka.

Kherson, Oleszki and Nowa Kakhovka on the mapGoogle Maps

– People are blocked in the center of Oleszki. That’s 600 people in the hospital and some people in the community centre. They are evacuated without food or water. We are trying to arrange a way to send medicine, insulin, food, water, blankets and generators there,” added a volunteer interviewed by Insider.

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Blowing up the dam in occupied Kachowka. The broken roof flows across the Dnieper River Reuters

According to her, the officers of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations – who block access to Oleszki – stated that the volunteers must have an intermediary. Someone local with a Russian passport. Only he will be able to hand over the delivered medicines and other essentials.

“The street has gone down. The chances of saving someone from there are very small”

A volunteer named Jelena told Insider journalists on June 8 that in Oleszki, more than 30 people died during the flood in just one street called Niżnia. – This street has gone down. The chances of saving anyone from there are very small, she said. According to her account, the Russian rescue services check the documents of residents and do not help those who have Ukrainian passports.

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