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The dam is in danger of collapsing, the house is on the edge of a cliff

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A dam on the Blue Earth River in the US state of Minnesota is in a state of “imminent failure” after floodwaters damaged it. The foundations of one of the houses located on the river were washed away, the building was hanging over a cliff, and its inhabitants had to evacuate.

Flooding occurred in the states of South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota after heavy rains. Many rivers flooded. A dam on the Blue Earth River south of Mankato was damaged. The services reported that on Monday there was damage to the slope around the dam, which caused rough water to flow past it. The waves washed away part of the transmission infrastructure.

The Rapidan Dam is in a state of “imminent failure,” according to the county sheriff's office, which notified local residents of the possible danger. The dam, built in 1910, is in danger of collapse. The threat comes primarily from debris and waste that has accumulated along the Blue Earth River over many days of rising water levels and is now being carried downstream.

House on the edge of a cliff

New aerial photos taken Tuesday show rough water still flowing around the dam.

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Some residents told local media that the sheriff's office called them Monday morning to warn them about rising water levels. Among them were the owners of the more than 100-year-old family restaurant Rapidan Dam, located on the road near the river. The water washed away the foundations of their house located on the river, forcing the residents to evacuate. The building hung over the cliff.

A house on the edge of a bluff above the Blue Earth RiverReuters

– This is our whole life, our source of income – said the owner of the restaurant and house. – It will happen. We don't know when, but the destruction of the house seems inevitable, she said.

Power outages

Electricity provider Xcel Energy said Monday that nearly 600 customers were left without power after floodwaters washed away a substation located near the dam.

The Minnesota National Guard sent about 50 soldiers to towns downstream to help fight the flooding. Emergency management officials in nearby Le Sueur County said hundreds of volunteers have signed up to fill thousands of sandbags over the past few days.

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Main photo source: Reuters

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