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The death of Izabela in Pszczyna. Rafał Trzaskowski on the “Not One More” protest and the practical ban on abortion in Poland

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The medieval judgment of the pseudo-tribunal may have been an abstraction for some people, but seeing the tragedy from Pszczyna, we all realized what the matter is and what this authority is really doing – said the mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, in “Fakty po Faktach”. Commenting on the death of 30-year-old Izabela in Pszczyna, he assured that both doctors and women could count on the support of local authorities. – We guarantee legal and psychological assistance – he stressed.

The Mayor of Warsaw was the guest of Saturday’s “Fakty po Faktach” Rafał Trzaskowski. He was asked about the protest under the slogan “Not one more“, which that day crossed the streets of Warsaw. It was after the death of 30-year-old Izabela, who was 22 weeks pregnant.

“For now, thanks to the abortion law, I have to lie down. And there is nothing they can do. They will wait until he dies or something begins, and if not, I can expect sepsis. They cannot rush” – she wrote to her mother. There is a debate in the case as to whether Izabela’s death could have been contributed to by the judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal on abortion, issued last October.


“I identify with this protest one hundred percent, and I was present on the streets of Warsaw, moreover,” said Trzaskowski. He called the judgment of October 22, 2020 “a medieval judgment of a pseudo-tribunal”. – He may have been an abstraction for some people, but seeing the tragedy from Pszczyna, we all realized what the matter is and what the authorities are actually doing and what the consequences are – he commented.

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A protest under the slogan “Not one more” in WarsawPAP / Leszek Szymański

Trzaskowski: the law paralyzed doctors and nurses

Trzaskowski was asked about the words of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who when asked about the tragedy in the hospital in Pszczyna and the ruling of the Constitutional Tribunal on abortion, replied: “The judgment of the Tribunal does not change anything with regard to the mother’s life or health. If the mother’s life or health is at risk, then still termination of pregnancy is possible and nothing has changed here. “

The president of the capital replied that “the prime minister probably has no idea what he is talking about”. – This PiS cynicism is absolutely shocking, because this law paralyzed doctors and nurses, has led to a situation in which it really happens in Poland that doctors wait for the fetus to die and do not save the woman’s life. We heard about the case from Pszczyna, but unfortunately there are more such cases – he assessed.

– That is why we in Warsaw made clear decisions: first of all, we recommend that this council should make decisions, that it should not be done by one doctor. It’s easier this way, it gives you security. We also guarantee legal and psychological assistance to all doctors and nurses, because we believe that in such situations it is necessary to save a woman’s life – he said.

According to him, “these are the consequences of this pseudo-sentence, and PiS did it for purely cynical reasons” to “divert attention from governments that are completely unprofessional.”

A protest under the slogan “Not one more” at the Castle SquarePAP / Leszek Szymański

“Medieval Law Intimidates Doctors”

Trzaskowski assessed that we are dealing with a situation in which “medieval law intimidates doctors”. – On the other hand, we do everything to clearly tell doctors: we are with you, to tell women: we are with you, that within the framework of the existing law, we will do absolutely everything to save a woman’s life in such situations – he mentioned.

– This is why we provide legal and psychological support, and this is why we send a clear signal that women in Warsaw in such difficult situations will not be left to themselves. Doctors can also count that local authorities will not leave them with these problems – he assured.

– Today, exactly such a law is in force in Poland. We have heard statements from PiS politicians that the consequences will not be serious. We see the consequences, women die. Because in Poland we have a right from the Middle Ages – he repeated.

Main photo source: TVN24

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