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The death penalty in the US. James Barber’s lawyers want to block the execution

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Lawyers for 54-year-old James Barber of Alabama want to stay his execution. They explain that in the past, state penitentiary services have had problems injecting lethal injections. According to them, there were errors in the last three execution attempts in Alabama.

On Monday, lawyers for 54-year-old James Barber, convicted of fatally assaulting a woman, asked the 11th Federal Court of Appeals, located in Georgia, Atlanta, to block the execution of the man, which is due to take place next Thursday. They argue their request by citing problems that have arisen with the execution of the death penalty in Alabama in the past.

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Death row prisoner’s lawyers: Rights are at risk

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In 2022, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey decided to temporarily suspend executions after two executions were canceled due to difficulties administering the lethal injection to convicted men, NBC News explains. In the case of the third, which took place, multiple punctures were found on the body of a deceased convict after attempts to give an injection, according to Barber’s lawyers, quoted by the local website AL.com. According to them, this should be a reason to prevent the execution of the 54-year-old, because such multiple punctures could violate his rights under the 8th amendment to the constitution, which prohibits cruel punishment.

Alabama Assistant Attorney General Richard Anderson said the execution of the 54-year-old would be carried out by a new team of qualified people. But that doesn’t solve the problem, according to Barber’s lawyer Maria Klebaner, because all the people elected by the state are “the same.” “We know what happened last year, there is a good chance of causing significant harm,” she told the court, quoted by NBC News. It is not known when the appeals court will rule on the application.

Barber was sentenced to death for beating 75-year-old Dorothy Epps to death in 2001. The man confessed to killing the woman and fleeing with her purse.

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