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The debt of Poles has increased to almost PLN 79 billion

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The debt of Poles in 2022 increased by PLN 6.4 billion, mainly due to overdue alimony and loan installments, according to the InfoDług report. The inhabitants of Mazovia have the most unreliable debtors and unsettled liabilities. The most indebted man is from the Lublin region, whose arrears currently amount to over PLN 81 million.

As explained, it is about arrears of at least PLN 200, delayed for at least 30 days.

After 2022, 2.68 million people in Poland have almost PLN 79 billion in overdue liabilities. Over the past year, the value of debts increased by PLN 6.4 billion – mainly due to alimony and loan installments delayed by at least 30 days, but also unpaid telecom bills or unpaid insurance policies – indicated in the InfoDług report prepared on the basis of data from the Register BIG InfoMonitor debtors and BIK credit information database. The authors of the report pointed out that the second year of the pandemic was the only one in which Poles managed to reduce outstanding liabilities. Both credit loans, visible in the BIK credit information database, and non-credit loans for current accounts, alimony, fees for driving without a ticket or court fines have decreased, the authors of the report indicated. The CEO of BIG InfoMonitor, Sławomir Grzelczak, noted that last year COVID was replaced by other problems – primarily war in Ukrainewhich resulted in drastic increases fuel prices and energy, but also rising interest rates and high inflationwhich turned out to be too difficult for many people to bear.

– Almost overnight the list of the main reasons for financial problems changed – he stressed.

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He pointed out that a year ago these were low earnings, unforeseen expenses and random events – now inflation (36 percent) is indicated first, low earnings (22 percent), and third, as a result of interest rate increases – high cost of repaid loans (8%). According to the report, the value of loans delayed by 30 days increased last year by over PLN 1 billion, to PLN 34.1 billion, and non-credit arrears increased by nearly PLN 5.4 billion, to PLN 44.7 billion. In total, this resulted in almost PLN 78.9 billion in arrears, 9 percent more than in the previous year. more than at the end of 2021. As indicated by Grzelczak, the increase in non-credit arrears was mainly due to alimony, which increased, among others, after the change in the law, maintenance debts older than 6 years again began to enter the register of debtors.

– Currently, their value reaches almost PLN 14 billion. The value of liabilities reported on the basis of court judgments also increased – to over PLN 11 billion, while for unpaid telephone and TV bills – to almost PLN 1 billion, and for rent – to about PLN 200 million – he mentioned. Among the non-credit arrears of Poles, according to the report, there are also e.g. unpaid insurance policies – over PLN 96 million.

– Characteristic of the changes in the past year is that arrears increased more in regions that are characterized by less problems in this respect, such as in Podlasie, Lubelszczyzna, Podkarpacie or in the province. Świętokrzyskie and Opolskie – indicated Grzelczak, commenting on the results of the report for PAP. It was similar with the increase in the number of debtors, he added.

There are more and more unreliable debtors in Poland

18,000 arrived nationwide. 412 unreliable debtors – their number increased to 2.68 million people. Every fifth of them has credit and non-credit arrears at the same time. The inhabitants of Zachodniopomorskie and Lubuskie voivodeships have the biggest problem with timely payment of liabilities – it concerns more than every tenth adult inhabitant there. In 2022, the number of people who doubt that they will be able to repay the debt, if the sum of 10,000 is at stake, has also increased. PLN and more – this is indicated by every third person (30%). On the other hand, 19 percent of respondents would doubt the possibility of getting out of debt only with arrears of PLN 500,000. zloty. – Inflation, which on the one hand reduces the value of earnings and savings, intensifies the fear when one has to face liabilities, especially debts – points out Sławomir Grzelczak.

Meanwhile, the average arrears increased by 2.2 thousand over the year. PLN, up to PLN 29.4 thousand PLN, e.g. as a result of the problems of generation X. The last 12 months have added the most financial worries, because people aged 45-54 have the most arrears and more unreliable debtors.

The largest number of debtors is in Mazowsze

The province with the largest number of unreliable debtors is Mazowsze – in this region both the number of debtors and the value of arrears are the largest.

– This is due to the huge population constituting more than 14% of the population. inhabitants of Poland. The sheer share of unreliable debtors among Mazovians – 82 per 1,000 adult inhabitants – places them below national average – explained Diana Borowiecka from BIG InfoMonitor.

She added that when the number of debtors is compared with the population of the region, the province is the worst. West Pomeranian and Lubuskie. In both, more than 110 out of 1,000 adult residents cannot cope with finances.

The indebtedness of young people has decreased, although it is still high

According to the report, the average arrears of an average unreliable debtor decreased among young people between 18 and 24 years of age – by 8.2 percent, to PLN 6,917, and among 25-34-year-olds – by 1.4 percent, to 16 PLN 018. Other groups recorded increases. As for the number of unreliable debtors, they decreased in two of the six age groups – among 25-34 year olds and among 55-64 year olds. Overdue liabilities increased in all voivodeships, most in Świętokrzyskie, Podlaskie and Pomorskie – respectively by 15.1, 14.2 and 13.9 percent, with a change in the entire country at the level of 8.8 percent. (PLN 6.4 billion). The highest values ​​of outstanding credit and non-credit debts are recorded in Mazowsze (PLN 15.02 billion), followed by Upper Silesia (PLN 9.48 billion) and Lower Silesia (PLN 7.10 billion). The lowest value of arrears is recorded in the following voivodships: Opolskie – PLN 1.5 billion, and Podlaskie and Świętokrzyskie, PLN 1.6 billion each. The amount of arrears of the top ten debtors also increased – by almost PLN 28 million in a year, to PLN 0.5 billion. The most indebted man is a man from the Lublin region, whose arrears increased by well over PLN 6 million in a year and currently he has PLN 81.2 million to repay. Half of the people in the “TOP 10” come from Mazovia.

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