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The deposit system in Poland. Changes are getting closer. Preparations begin

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The Ministry of Climate and Environment is preparing to correct the regulations in the deposit system. In March, the ministry wants to conduct public consultations on the act, said Anita Sowińska, deputy head of the Ministry of Climate. The new regulations assume that a 50-cent deposit will be added to plastic bottles with a capacity of up to three liters, reusable glass bottles up to one and a half liters and for metal cans up to one liter. The deposit is to be returned when the packaging is returned to the store without the need to show the receipt.

The system is to be introduced in Poland on January 1, 2025. Large stores with an area of ​​over 200 square meters will have to collect empty packaging, while those with a smaller area will be able to join the system voluntarily. Unclaimed deposit will be used to finance the deposit system

The new regulations will implement the EU directive on reducing the impact of certain plastic products on the environment.

– We are preparing to correct these regulations – said Deputy Climate Minister Anita Sowińska on Tuesday.

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Sowińska: we are currently collecting comments

– We are currently collecting all comments from stakeholders and from entrepreneurs, producers introducing packaging, as well as shops, social organizations and recyclers. We are planning a round of public consultations in March, she added.

She informed that the comments received by the ministry on this matter were similar.

– While analyzing the act, already in the first months we saw some risks related to this act and we see (…) room for improvement – she said.

– I would not like there to be an expectation that this deposit system will be delayed indefinitely. (…) This law (…) from January (…) may be 80% effective, but we cannot run away from responsibility, because it will have other consequences, it will have consequences, for example in recycling levels – she added.

Will the regulations come into force later?

When asked by PAP Biznes about the transition period or delay in the implementation of the act, she said: “We are not planning a delay (introduction – editor’s note) of the system today, which does not mean that there may be a slight delay.”

– We are in a difficult situation, but I don’t think it will be a year, because it probably won’t be, so I also want to mobilize entrepreneurs to really do everything to implement this system – added the deputy minister of climate.

At the end of January, the Polish Federation of Food Producers and the Association of Brewing Industry Employers, Browary Polskie, suggested postponing the entry into force of the act by one year, to January 1, 2026.

Sowińska added that the Ministry of Environmental Protection is currently collecting comments and all pros and cons of various demands for changing the act. She pointed out that the scope of comments was diverse.

– Some of them concern, for example, the obligations of the operators themselves (…), some of them concern, among others, VAT on deposits, and there are those that concern the future of the deposit system – e.g. that the operator should undertake to also introduce a standard bottle in the future. This is not included in this act, but we must design this system in such a way that it also meets environmental goals, she said.

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