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The deputies convene a parliamentary commission regarding the death of the 34-year-old from Lubin and the police intervention

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MEPs from the Civic Coalition announced the convening of a parliamentary administration and internal affairs committee on the death of 34-year-old Bartosz from Lubin (Lower Silesia). Grzegorz Schetyna, a KO deputy and former head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, said that representatives of the prosecutor’s office and the police will have to answer a number of questions about how to conduct the intervention.

– There are many question marks regarding the death of the 34-year-old from Lubin, representatives of the prosecutor’s office and the police will have to answer them at a meeting of the parliamentary administration and internal affairs committee – said the members of the Civic Coalition on Thursday.

KO MP Tomasz Szymański, vice-chairman of the internal affairs and administration committee, announced at a press conference that on Wednesday a group of MPs asked for an urgent meeting of this committee in connection with the events in Lubin, where On August 6, the 34-year-old died after police intervention resident of this city. The motion was submitted by members of the KO, Lewica and KP-PSL. The head of the committee, Wiesław Szczepański (Left), announced that the meeting would be held at the beginning of September.


Schetyna wants a commission

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– There are a lot of question marks – said Grzegorz Schetyna, a KO MP and former head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, at the press conference, announcing that the deputies will be watching the functioning of the police and prosecutor’s office, because the death of the 34-year-old from Lubin must be clarified. – I am saying this as a former minister of administration and internal affairs, because I know that parliamentary control over the functioning of the government is absolutely crucial – he stressed.

Schetyna noted that everyone saw the recording of the police intervention in Lubin and that in “how inept way the officers could not cope with the 34-year-old, they were not able to handcuff him and carry out this intervention”.

He also stated that “Lower Silesia is hard hit by tragic stories of this type” and recalled the case of Igor Stachowiakwho died in the Wrocław police station in May 2016, a the policemen were convicted for abuse and abuse. He assessed that this case was similar to what happened in Lubin. – We will not leave this issue, we will explain it, we will expect the Ombudsman to take action in this matter – said Schetyna.

According to the deputy, questions should be asked about the method of conducting training for policemen, because you can see “their complete amateurism” and the inability to make the right decisions in difficult situations, looking at the fact that in Lubin “they could not incapacitate a person who was under the influence of drugs or legal highs for many minutes. which eventually led to her death. “

In addition, said the PO politician, one should also ask how he informs the prosecutor about the case, who “does not allow the family to be present at the post-mortem examination together with the experts”. He added that if currently the police and the prosecutor’s office do not want to inform the public, their representatives “will have to do it at a meeting of the internal affairs and administration committee.”

MEP Borys asks key questions

In turn, MP from KO Piotr Borys, who announced an intervention in the matter of police activities shortly after the events in Lubin, stressed that at the request of the family of the deceased 34-year-old, the deputies help to ensure that the case was conducted in a transparent manner and that no fact was overlooked.

He informed that on Thursday after At 1.30 p.m. the family with legal representatives will have a press conference, where they will present “their opinion on this matter, immediately after Bartek’s body was seen”. “It doesn’t look good,” he added.

Borys stated that there were discrepancies between what the spokesman of the provincial police headquarters in Wrocław said about the death of the 34-year-old from Lubin, and “the prosecutor’s office and the ambulance service say something else”. – Why did the policemen intervene in such a way, why did they not help, did not resuscitate the boy until the arrival of the ambulance, why did the prosecution hide the autopsy from the family, why did they not allow Bartek’s body and participation to be assessed? These questions must be asked so that this matter can be clarified one hundred percent – emphasized Borys.

MP Szymański declared that it is in the interest of Polish women and Poles to ask many questions to Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Kaczyński, the head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration Mariusz Kamiński and the Police Commander in Chief Jarosław Szymczyk, and the most important of them is “whether Polish women and Poles in the PiS state can feel safe”.

– We must do everything we can to protect Polish women and Poles from unskillful interventions, from acts which, instead of maintaining the safety of life and health, will actually work the other way. That is why we feel obliged to do everything so that the PiS state protects the health and life of Poles, and not contributes to its loss. Therefore, the affairs and administration committee will deal with this matter as soon as possible at the next session of the Sejm, said Szymański.

Prosecutor’s office investigation

The District Prosecutor’s Office in Lubin initiated an investigation into the abuse of powers and failure by police officers as well as inadvertent manslaughter of the aggrieved party. The Regional Prosecutor’s Office in Wrocław on Wednesday morning sent a request to the National Prosecutor’s Office to transfer the investigation case outside the Wrocław region.

The 34-year-old autopsy took place on Monday at the Forensic Medicine Institute in Wrocław. Prok. Arkadiusz Kulik announced on Tuesday that the section “did not show any traumatic lesions that would be a direct cause of death for the man”. He added that the experts noted that in order to establish the cause and mechanism of the 34-year-old’s death, further studies, including toxicological and histopathological tests, were necessary.

Also on Tuesday, the representative of the 34-year-old’s family, attorney-at-law Renata Kolerska said that the prosecutor’s office refused to issue the reports of the autopsies and the examination of the bodies to the family. The family representative announced that she would submit an application for another autopsy, this time at the Forensic Medicine Institute in Poznań.

Two versions of events

A video of the police intervention undertaken on August 6 was posted on the Internet. In a statement issued the next day, the Lower Silesian police informed that the officers went to an intervention involving an aggressive man who was supposed to throw stones at the windows of buildings. The man’s mother called the emergency number, informing the police that her son was abusing drugs. According to the police’s explanations, the officers sent to the scene tried to identify and calm the man. This one, however, did not respond to orders. As a result, policemen incapacitated the 34-year-old using handcuffs and overpowering holds.

The next day, the police said that the man had died after being transferred to the hospital. In the media, there were reports of witnesses to the event, according to which the death of the 34-year-old took place during the intervention.

Monday evening MP Borys published on Twitter a letter of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Lubin, in which you can read that “according to the statements of the rescuers, after they arrived at Traugutt Street in Lubin to report to Bartosz S., they checked the heart rate and pressure, but these parameters were undetectable “. “According to the rescuer, the victim’s death was already found on Traugutt Street. He also stated that for this reason they did not undertake any resuscitation measures” – we read in the letter.

Earlier that day, at a press briefing, subcomm. Wojciech Jabłoński from the press office of the Lower Silesian police, answering journalists’ questions about the intervention, assured that when the officers handed the 34-year-old over to the medical team, his vital functions were preserved, his breathing and pulse were felt. He also added that the policemen who took part in the intervention were not suspended from duties.

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