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The deputy head of the European Commission wants artists to encourage them to take part in the European elections. “No one will mobilize young people

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Even though Taylor Swift can’t vote in the European elections, her vote may count more than anyone might think. The American is number one on the American music scene, and Time magazine named her Person of the Year 2023. Swift is a star all over the world, including in Europe, which the deputy head of the European Commission would like to use. The plan is for Taylor Swift and other popular artists to encourage young people to take part in the European Parliament elections.

Taylor Swift is currently the most popular singer in the world. Her Instagram account is followed by over a quarter of a billion people. When she appealed to her fans to register to vote in 2023, 35,000 young Americans did so the next day. On May 9, the star will perform in Paris.

The deputy head of the European Commission would like Taylor Swift to mobilize young Europeans to take part in the June European elections that day. Just as she previously encouraged their American peers to vote. “I very much hope that she will do the same for young Europeans and I hope that someone from her media team will follow this press conference and pass on this request to her,” says Margaritas Schinas, vice-president of the European Commission.

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Taylor Swift has not yet publicly responded to this rather specific appeal. But the words of the deputy head of the European Commission caused such wide publicity that – as Euronews television reports – an idea was created in Brussels to create a list of European artists who would encourage young people to vote in June.

It is opened by the Italian band Maneskin. It also featured Spanish singer Rosalia and Belgian Angele. The list would be expanded so that the campaign would gain the widest possible geographical reach and reach voters in all 27 EU countries. – Nobody will mobilize young people more than other young people. That’s how it works. Young people will do it more effectively than commissioners speaking in the press room, says Margaritas Schinas.

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Less popular choices

European elections do not evoke as much emotion as national elections, which is why turnout in European votes is usually lower. It is the youngest voters who most often stay at home. Special campaigns are targeted at them. The authorities in Belgium, Germany, Malta and Austria even lowered the voting age in the European elections to 16 years of age. – It is the young who benefit most from an open, democratic society, education and training opportunities, the Erasmus exchange program and open borders – says Margaritas Schinas.

Taylor Swift is known for her political involvement. He actively supports the American Democratic Party. “Time” magazine named the celebrity Person of the Year 2023. The singer defeated, among others, King Charles III and Xi Jinping. The award went to her for “building her own world in which there was room for so many people, for making her story a global legend, for bringing joy to a society that desperately needed it.”

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