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The director of the Dramatic Theater denies allegations of mobbing. “I don’t use violence”

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“I do not use violence. These are not my directing tools. Nor are they my directorial tools. I am accused of violence only in the media through slander, false accusations, insinuations and hate,” Monika Strzępka, director of the Dramatic Theater, wrote on social media on Wednesday. She also called on the capital’s cultural office to present the grounds for initiating the procedure for dismissing her from her position.

“I do not use violence. These are not my directing tools. Nor are they my directorial tools. I am accused of violence only in the media through slander, false accusations, insinuations and hate. I have been working in the theater for over twenty years, and my relationships with the acting, technical and administrative teams have always been based on mutual respect and sympathy. The trust that I have managed to develop over the years has enabled me to return to work many times in theaters in Krakow, Wrocław and Wałbrzych. The audience knows my performances, the community knows my commitment, actresses and actors know my method work. There was never room for violence,” Strzępka wrote.

Strzępka “firmly denies all allegations”

“I firmly reject all allegations and insinuations made by Ms. Agnieszka Szpila regarding my alleged use of violence during rehearsals for the performance of “Hexa”. To date, Ms. Szpila has not provided any evidence to support her insinuations. To protect my good name, I have decided to file a lawsuit. a lawsuit for the protection of personal rights against Ms. Agnieszka Szpila due to her dissemination of false information that discredits me and undermines public trust in me. I also intend to seek protection of my personal rights in connection with violations committed in recent months by other people,” she stated.

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“For the last two weeks before the premiere, rehearsals for “Heks” took place on the large stage of the Dramatic Theater. I conducted them through a microphone, the so-called intercom was turned on, i.e. a theater radio station thanks to which the entire theater team can listen to what is happening on the stage. stage. Backstage there was the entire technical team, the stage manager and the prompter. On the balcony – sound producers, on the ground floor – light and video producers. The producers of the show were present, in the audience there were actors waiting for their scenes, dressing room attendants, make-up artists, and studio workers and employees from the production department. All these people know how the rehearsals went,” she explained.

The director is waiting for the Cultural Office to take action

“Referring to the actions announced by the Organizer of the Gustaw Holoubek Dramatic Theatre, I am calling on the Culture Office of the Capital City of Warsaw to present the grounds for initiating the procedure for dismissing me from the position of General and Artistic Director of the Gustaw Holoubek Dramatic Theatre. To date, I have not been presented with any allegations or official information that would justify such a decision. In my opinion, I have not violated the provisions of the contract between us. I refuse to talk to the Organizer through the media. We did not agree on such standards of cooperation,” she recalled.

“I work in a place I know and love. With theater people. With people who know and love theater. And they know that you don’t get into theater by accident. Especially this theater. I am grateful to them for their support and work in extremely difficult conditions “Under fire for over a year. In the face of a difficult situation for the entire Theater Crew, I would like to appeal to the public, journalists and the authorities of the capital city of Warsaw to refrain from passing judgments before a comprehensive examination of the case,” added Strzępka.

“I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the hate directed at me is not limited only to the virtual space, but unfortunately also penetrates reality, affecting me and my loved ones and the crew of the Dramatic Theater,” she concluded.

Dramatic Theatre Tomasz Zieliński / tvnwarszawa.pl

Rehearsals were canceled

On Tuesday, December 12 – three days before the premiere, the media rehearsal of the play “Heksy” by Agnieszka Szpila was canceled, and on Thursday – the open dress rehearsal.

“I regret to inform you that, unfortunately, I will not appear at the Friday premiere of the play +HEKSY+. For me, the author of the novel and co-author (with Anna Kłos) of the adaptation, the enormous mental and emotional suffering suffered by the acting team recently is devastating that I wouldn’t be able to watch this performance, forgetting what I had seen and experienced with the team over the last few days, participating in rehearsals in the theater. I distance myself from the revolution preached by Monika Strzępka, who refers to my text, because in her edition this HEX COVERAGE “is a fake. Just like the entire revolution she preached. Monika Strzępka did not understand that you cannot destroy patriarchy without first destroying what is patriarchal within yourself. This knowledge was lacking in the director and the director, who is vocal about her feminist beliefs,” wrote Szpila on December 13.

Monika Strzępka does not want to resign from her position Bartłomiej Zborowski/PAP

The city informed the Ministry of Culture about the dismissal of the director

On December 21, the Ministry of Culture announced: “The Minister of Culture and National Heritage Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz took note of the intention of the capital city of Warsaw to dismiss Ms. Monika Strzępka from the position of director of the Gustaw Holoubek Dramatic Theater in Warsaw.”

– We cannot allow this type of chaos to occur and we have started this procedure – replied the mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, at one of the press conferences when asked about the matter. The procedure the mayor of Warsaw is talking about is the dismissal of the theater director. The city, as it was put, reacted to the deepening crisis and the failure to implement the concluded contract.

Main photo source: Bartłomiej Zborowski/PAP

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