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Monday, November 29, 2021

The disaster at the Turów mine in 2016. Stanisław Żuk, former mine director, when asked about the decision to raise the height of the heap

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Stanisław Żuk, former director of the Turów Brown Coal Mine, and now Kukiz’15 MP, was asked about the decision to raise the height of the dump in the mine. According to the informant of “Supervisor”, it contributed to the disaster of 2016, and it was undertaken by Żuk. The TVN24 reporter repeatedly asked the deputy on Monday whether it was he who made the decision. Stanisław Żuk avoided direct answers, hiding behind, among other things, oblivion. However, he argued that he had nothing to reproach himself for.

It was broadcast on Saturday in “Superwizjer” report by Michał Fuji “System around Turnów”. The reporter showed, among other things, how the conflict with the Czech Republic over the Turów mine is related to the corruption scandal in the local government in Bogatynia, where the mine is located, and the mining disaster a few years ago.


It is about the disaster of September 2016, when a dump with millions of tons of earth, stones and fluid ashes from the power plant collapsed. This paralyzed the work of the mine and forced the power plant to significantly reduce its power. A few days after the incident, the company’s authorities assured that the situation was under control. At the same time, the mine workers were forbidden to talk about it.

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An expert and long-term manager of the energy industry, who witnessed the management of Turów, told “Supervisor” that “there was a human factor”. – First of all, it was decided to increase the volume of this dump – he noted. On the other hand, raising the height of the dump was taking a huge risk. According to the informant of “Supervisor”, the person responsible for the decision to increase the height of the heap was Stanisław Żuk.

“Arrangement around Turów”. An excerpt from the reportage “Supervisor”“Supervisor” of TVN

The disaster in the Turów mine. Evasive responses from the former director Stanisław Żuk

Stanisław Żuk was a long-term director of the Turów mine, at the time of the disaster he was already vice-president in the Polish Energy Group. Today he is an MP from Kukiz’15.

On Monday, MP Żuk was asked by TVN24 reporter Radomir Wit about the issue of the excavation and the decisions concerning it. The politician said he did not want to talk to the reporter. When asked why he said that “you are unreliable journalists from TVN, you are producing untrue material”.

After being asked if he had made the decision to increase the height of the dump, the MP did not reply for a few seconds. But later he said, “Of course it’s not true that I took it.”

– You didn’t make the decision? – asked the reporter, to which the former director responded with the words: – I will not give you food. – Just first find out what the structure of such a concern looks like, where is it, how are the competences divided, who is responsible for operational activities and who is responsible for supervision – said Żuk after another question about his role in the disaster.

"Layout around Turów".  Echoes of the reportage "Supervisor" and questions for MP Stanisław Żuk, former director of the mine

“Arrangement around Turów”. Echoes of the “Supervisor” report and questions for MP Stanisław Żuk, former mine directorTVN24

When asked again if it was not him who made the decision to increase the altitude, he said that “he just doesn’t remember when such a decision could have been made at all”.

Therefore, a TVN24 reporter asked how it happened that the height of the dump was increased, which, in the opinion of experts, had an impact on the disaster. – Something terrible that you are suggesting. What experts? At least the expert who spoke in this report has no idea whatsoever about tipping – said MP Kukiz’15 and the former director of KWB Turów.

– So you have nothing to reproach yourself for? – Radomir Wit asked. – I have nothing – said the MP.

– Okay, but who made the decision to increase the height? the reporter asked. – Documents are created, expert opinions are prepared and, on the basis of such documentation, a traffic plan (is – edited) approved by the District Mining Office, individual works are planned for each year on individual dump floors, this is approved by the District Office Miner, he said.

When asked whether it was therefore the responsibility of the office, he assessed that “the responsibility of all those who planned it, calculated and approved it”. He also said that he “does not remember” whether he was in that group. – At the time when the landslide arose, I was already three years out of the mine – added Stanisław Żuk.

Main photo source: TVN24

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