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The dispute over the mine in Turów. A government spokesman talks about “existential” energy security

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Ensuring energy security for millions of Poles is an existential issue, government spokesman Piotr Mueller said on Monday in response to the question whether mining in Turów would continue.

Mueller added that Poland “failed to protect the Court of Justice of the European Union knowing that for millions of Poles, whether they will have electricity is much more important than many other issues, including the good mood of a few people from Brussels.” On Friday, the General Directorate for Environmental Protection filed a complaint against the decision of the Provincial Administrative Court in the case concerning Turów. Climate Minister Anna Moscow she assessed in a post on social media that this complaint was “substantively and carefully prepared”. She added that “the energy complex in Turów is a guarantee of the security of the region and the government PIS will do everything to ensure its further development and maintain tens of thousands of jobs.

PGE GiEK appealed to the Supreme Administrative Court against the decision in the case Turów mine – informed PGE GiEK on Monday, adding that this is a response to the suspension by the Provincial Administrative Court in Warsaw of the implementation of the environmental decision issued for the mine by GDOŚ in September 2022.

Judgment of the court in the case of Turów

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May 31 The Provincial Administrative Court in Warsaw issued a decision suspending – until the complaint is examined – the implementation of the environmental decision regarding the concession for coal mining for the mine in Turów after 2026. As the court emphasized, the decision does not suspend the operation of the Turów mine. The suspension decision concerns the decision of the General Directorate of Environmental Protection of September 30, 2022 specifying the environmental conditions for the implementation of the project: “Continuation of exploitation of the Turów lignite deposit, implemented in the Bogatynia commune”. Complaints against the environmental decision were filed, among others, by Frank Bold Foundation, Greenpeace and EKO-UNIA Ecological Association. The decision is not final and the parties to the proceedings may lodge a complaint with the Supreme Administrative Court within seven days from the date of delivery of a copy of the decision with justification. The decision expires on the date of the Court’s decision accepting the complaint or after the decision dismissing the complaint becomes final and binding.

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