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The dispute over the name “Yes! For Poland”. On the one hand, Non-Party Self-Government Workers, on the other – the Self-Government Movement “Yes! For Poland”. Jacek Karnowski comments

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Non-partisan Local Governments register a political party called “Yes! for Poland”, which is exactly the same as the Local Government Movement composed of mayors of the largest Polish cities, which supports the opposition. – It looks like this, that if someone has no supporters, is not popular, then he has to steal something that is valuable from someone else – judged the president of the movement, the president of Sopot, Jacek Karnowski. – To steal something, it has to be someone else’s. I do not understand why Mr. Karnowski did not secure his rights – Bartłomiej Kubicz from the Nonpartisan Local Government replied to him.

TVN24 reporter Adam Krajewski described that the Self-Government Movement “Yes! For Poland” has been operating since 2020 and favors opposition parties. Now, however, the association of Non-partisan Local Governments is registering a political party with the same name in the District Court in Warsaw.

He reported that the “Yes! For Poland” movement intends to appeal against the court’s decision on the registration of the name.

Karnowski: if someone doesn’t have supporters, they have to steal something from someone else

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The case was commented on by Jacek Karnowski, the mayor of Sopot and the president of the Self-Government Movement “Yes! For Poland”.

– From the beginning, the Self-Government Movement “Yes! For Poland” said that as an association it would support the democratic opposition. We never intended to put out our own list, so we didn’t need a political party. But I have a proposition for Law and Justiceso that maybe they would register the names Law and Justice, Law and Justice Left, that’s what the coalition partner does, why wouldn’t PiS do that? he commented.

– It looks like that if someone has no supporters, has no popularity, then they have to steal from someone else something that is valuable, that has a certain value – he added.

Karnowski: We never intended to issue our own list, so we had no need for the partyTVN24

Earlier, Karnowski issued a statement on this matter.

“The use of the name of our Association YES! For Poland by Non-Partisan Local Governments and an attempt to establish a party with the same name is another gamble after changing the electoral law, changing the election dates, passing LEX Tusk, using Pegasus against the opposition and appropriating the so-called public media. Such actions break principles of fair play and democracy even before the announcement of the election date by the President of the Republic of Poland and the start of the election campaign.

Non-partisan local government: to steal something, it must be someone else’s

Karnowski’s allegations were answered in an interview with TVN24 by Bartłomiej Kubicz, a representative of Non-Partisan Local Governments.

– This is a very good name, I wanted to secure the rights to it and I did it with the right move, i.e. by registering the party – he said.

As Kubicz further argued, “in order to steal something, it must be someone’s”. – Therefore, I do not understand why Mr. Karnowski did not secure his rights – so to speak – in a higher instance, because this is probably the basic option and effectiveness in action, just securing his existence – he added.

– At the moment, Mr. Karnowski has not done it at all. However, despite everything, I invite Mr. Karnowski to talks – added the representative of the Non-Partisan Local Government.

Representative of Non-Party Local Governments: To steal something, it must be someone's

Representative of Non-Party Local Governments: To steal something, it must be someone’sTVN24

Prime Minister on self-government associations

He was asked about the matter during the Prime Minister’s press conference on Tuesday Mateusz Morawiecki.

The head of the government stated that he could only express his intention. – I would very much like there to be as many associations and associations of local government officials as possible who really understand our policy better – he said.

– Especially when we look at the income of local governments and the increase in local government income from PIT and CIT, then we will see how much the mayors of large cities, in particular, who impute any losses here, are wrong, stressed the Prime Minister.

He noted that he had “no particular knowledge as to what the political program of this or that group of local government officials is, but we want to cooperate with everyone, including those from large cities, which is best evidenced by our strategic investment programs.” – The strategic investment program is a program that reaches all local government officials, including large cities and those associated in communes and poviats, and I am very happy about that – he said.

Main photo source: Poland and the World / TVN24

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