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the distribution of positions in the new government is “largely” established

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The parties of the new coalition have already agreed on the division of areas for which they will be responsible in the government and parliament. The final program and personnel details are being finalized. The leaders’ talks are confidential, but their participants assure that they are approaching the finalization of the coalition agreement.

As Robert Biedroń assures, coalition talks among the democratic opposition are to take place in a good atmosphere. The parties that are to form a new government in the future are represented during the negotiations by, among others, Włodzimierz Czarzasty and Robert Biedroń (New Left), Szymon Hołownia and Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz (Trzecia Droga), as well as by the leader of PO and the entire Civic Coalition and the candidate for the head of government – Donald Tusk. The key talks are already at the end. – The foundations are already in place. We have already agreed on certain things regarding taking responsibility for certain areas of the state’s functioning, says Robert Biedroń in an interview with “Fakty” TVN. – Now only details about really special matters – he adds. – Tomorrow (October 30 – editor’s note), at the end of the day, you will probably receive good news – emphasizes Biedroń.

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After the leaders’ meeting on Friday, politicians return to talks on Monday in the same formation. Their goal is to send a clear signal to the president that, along with the guarantee of the majority with whom they met at his meetings, there are specific actions and decisions.

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Robert Biedroń admits that “to a large extent, the tasks are already divided” between the coalition parties. The Left politician adds that reaching an agreement was not difficult. – There were ambitions, but ultimately, in a fairly peaceful process, we reached an agreement on many issues – assures Biedroń.

When asked about specific names and positions, he avoids answering. At the same time, the politician emphasizes that each party will send people to the government who will not be afraid to make difficult decisions and take responsibility for them. In addition, regardless of the final division of ministries, all parties are to be guaranteed one position of deputy minister in each ministry.

Czarzasty after consultations with the president: the opposition is consistent in two statements TVN24

What about the coalition agreement?

But job-sharing negotiations are not the only talks taking place. – The coalition agreement will be created in another team – informs Magdalena Biejat from Raz. She is one of the two representatives of the Left in determining the shape of the coalition agreement. According to unofficial information from “Fakty” TVN – the main framework of this agreement was to be prepared by Donald Tusk and work on this document has now started. – In my opinion, there should be program issues there. It (coalition agreement – editor’s note) should be as detailed as possible. I declare that I will fight for some form of relaxation of the abortion law in Poland to be included in this agreement. This is what voters expect from us, adds Biejat.

The agreement will therefore include a list of issues to be solved by the new government. These will be specific tasks for ministries and plans for draft laws to be passed in the Sejm. – In order to maintain the broad public support that we received on October 15, individual citizens must feel well represented in the new government. And in fact, leaders, when talking about the division of individual responsibilities, have this in mind above all – emphasizes Paulina Hennig-Kloska from Trzecia Droga.

The coming months will be a test for the leaders. And on the quality of this agreement and on the readiness of their party to take power.

Main photo source: PAP/Paweł Supernak

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