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The dog Nygus is the new four-legged ambassador of the Greater Poland Police

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The new addition to the Police Prevention Department in Poznań has four legs and jumps over fences over 2 meters high. Nygus is a 1.5-year-old Belgian Shepherd Dog. His assistant guide Krzysztof Tomczak says that he is already doing great and is on his way to becoming the perfect patrol dog.

There are 12 patrol dogs in Poznań’s riot police departments – this is the first specialist platoon of this type in Poland. One of the dogs for 3 months is 1.5-year-old Nygus, a beautiful Belgian Malinois.

Previously, his assistant guide Krzysztof Tomczak trained him in Poznań for 4 months. He does not hide his pride in his ward, who has made great progress during this time.

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Likes caresses, but can be a weapon

“He’s already done his first match security and patrols. He is very friendly, has a good socialite – says the officer. Nygus, as befits a representative of his breed, is also very fit – he can jump over a fence 2.2 meters high.

Strength and agility are the features that will be necessary in Nygus’s work – his task is, among other things, to participate in patrols in walking areas, Malta or the Citadel, but also securing mass events. He must also be able to turn into a living weapon on command to defend his guide or stop a fleeing criminal.

Due to his friendly nature – Nygus likes people, caresses, fun and feels good around children – it is possible that he will often visit schools and kindergartens as an ambassador of the Poznań police.

He works 8 hours a day and enjoys it

“He’s well on his way to being a perfectionist. For now, we are getting used to it and we train practically every day to consolidate his skills – says Asp. Tomczak. Police dogs, especially of energetic breeds like Malinois, need to get the right amount of physical and mental effort every day. Nygus works 8 hours a day with pleasure.

The police officer also does not hide that he is very attached to his ward. – My former patrolmate, Chaos, retirement spends at my house. I can’t imagine it being any different with Nygus – he reveals to us.

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The Poznań command has a long tradition of training service dogs and is one of the best centers of this type in Poland. Currently, they are the Polish champions of the police service dogs in the categories of patrol-tracking and special dogs. Currently, there are 85 dogs in the Wielkopolska police force.

Main photo source: Sgt. pcs. Łukasz Kędziora/Wielkopolska Police

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