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The drama in Gaza continues. “People are dying and there is no one to bury them. There is no food, no drink.”

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Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza was evacuated, but the most seriously ill people stayed there. As one of the patients says – people are dying there and no one is hiding them, there is no food or drink, there are not even doctors, only a few nurses remain.

The dead have to be buried on the lawn in front of the hospital, the last living people don’t even have painkillers, and most of the doctors have fled – this is the current reality in Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza. – People are dying and there is no one to bury them. No food, no drink. There are no doctors there anymore. They escaped. There are some nurses left, God bless them, says Majed Baheeth, a patient of Al-Shifa Hospital. Majed – like over 2.5 thousand other patients – was evacuated. The only people left in the hospital were those whose condition was so bad that they couldn’t be taken away. Those who stayed behind begged for help, say shocked WHO workers who were briefly allowed inside by the Israelis.

There is no electricity in the hospital. The children – instead of in incubators – lay wrapped in foil. – They were seriously injured on their beds, their condition is bad. There are no more medical supplies and no one to take care of them. Their feet are rotting. There are no painkillers or antibiotics, says Ramez Radwan, a doctor evacuated from Al-Shifa hospital.

Israeli services shelled the largest hospital in the Gaza Strip, claiming that Hamas was hiding under the building. – The ground offensive in the Gaza Strip means that Israel takes everything – including schools, kindergartens, hospitals, churches, mosques and so on. Unfortunately, Israel does not provide sufficient evidence to prove that in all facilities or places where it claims there are Hamas bases or tunnels, these bases or tunnels actually exist, says Dr. Kamil Wilczyński from the Jagiellonian University.

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Difficult humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip. Many Palestinians have no access to waterJustyna Kazimierczak/Fakty o Świecie TVN24 BiS


The offensive continues. – During the search in the Rimal district, we found a large amount of weapons belonging to Hamas terrorists, as well as laptops, external drives and documents – says one of the Israeli soldiers.

On Saturday, the Israeli army once again shelled the Jabilla refugee camp in Gaza – and on Sunday, November 19, also two camps on the western bank of the Jordan. Three Israeli soldiers died there.

Palestinian media claim that Israelis shot a man in a wheelchair sitting at the entrance to the camp.

In Gaza, he even has the means to pull the wounded from the rubble. – We have a big problem with recovering the survivors and the dead. We try to look for the living first. We work manually, we don’t have any equipment. Our only crane is in northern Gaza and has stopped working. The bulldozer doesn’t work either, explains one of the rescuers.

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In the entire Gaza Strip, probably only 9 out of 35 hospitals are currently operational. They are so overcrowded that there is no place to operate on patients.

A 4-year-old boy has already had both legs amputated. He doesn’t understand that he lost his parents in the bombing and that he can’t walk. – My little one asks me every day “where is mom, where is dad?” He keeps asking me if he wants to get out of bed and walk. He asked me many times. I tell him that we have to wait until his leg gets better or until he takes medication. He asked me to go for a walk several times. He doesn’t feel like he’s lost his legs, says Ibrahim Abu Amsha, the uncle of 4-year-old Ahmad. The 4-year-old was lucky anyway, because – according to the Palestinians – there is such a shortage of medicines that amputations without anesthesia sometimes occur in Palestinian hospitals.

Protests took place in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in connection with Israel's war with Hamas

Protests took place in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in connection with Israel’s war with HamasPaweł Szot/Fakty TVN

Actions at the top

Benjamin Netanyahu continues to respond to accusations that Israel is acting legally. – Israel respects the laws of war. This is how our army works. This is the most moral army in the world, emphasizes the Prime Minister of Israel.

In Qatar, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell demanded a cease-fire in order to provide humanitarian aid to the Palestinians and appealed to Israel to refrain from revenge. – One horror does not justify another horror. The pain you inflict on other people’s children will not compensate for the suffering your children have experienced, Borrell emphasizes.

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Despite the war that has been going on for over a month, Israel has not managed to free over 200 hostages kidnapped by Hamas in October. The Washington Post says Tel Aviv, Washington and Hamas have reached a preliminary agreement to release kidnapped women and children in exchange for a five-day break in fighting.

The White House denies everything, but according to the Prime Minister of Qatar, an agreement is close. – There are only practical and logistical points left in these negotiations – emphasizes Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani, Prime Minister of Qatar.

American President Joe Biden in The Washington Post compares Hamas to Vladimir Putin, but at the same time adds that the Palestinian people deserve their own state. “A two-state solution, two nations living side by side with equal freedom, opportunity and dignity, is where the path to peace should lead,” says Joe Biden.

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