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The Dramatic Theater in Warsaw is still without a director

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The competition for the director of the Dramatic Theater announced in February has not been resolved. The City Hall informed that none of the candidates running for this position obtained an absolute majority of votes.

Seven people qualified for the second stage of the competition. They found themselves in it Małgorzata Potocka (director of the Jan Kochanowski Powszechny Theater in Radom), Jacek Jabrzyk (deputy director for artistic affairs of the Zagłębia Theater in Sosnowiec), Norbert Rakowski (director of the Jan Kochanowski Theater in Opole), Waldemar Raźniak (director of the Helena Modrzejewska National Stary Theater in Krakow), Ryszard Adamski and directors Wojciech Urbański and Anna Wieczur.

“The competition committee did not indicate a candidate for the director of the Gustaw Holoubek Drama Theater in Warsaw. None of the people applying for this position received an absolute majority of votes. This means that the competition announced in February remains unresolved,” we read in the city hall's announcement.

Dramatic Theatre Tomasz Zieliński / tvnwarszawa.pl

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Two days of talks

Interviews with the candidates lasted two days. As stated on its website, the capital city office Warsaw, they concerned: “legal, organizational issues and the functioning of the theater, and above all, the action programs and development of the institution prepared by the people taking part in the competition.” They ended with no final winner selected. No person received an absolute majority of votes.

The competition committee was composed of: Aldona Machnowska-Góra – representative of the Capital City of Warsaw, chairwoman of the committee; Artur Jóźwik and Aneta Subda-Kamola – representatives of the Capital City of Warsaw; Małgorzata Bogajewska and Małgorzata Wdowik – representatives of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage; Ewa Leśniak – Association of Polish Stage Artists ZASP – Association; Igor Michalski – Association of Theater Directors; Dariusz Kraszewski – representative of the Works Organization No. 144 of NSZZ “Solidarność” at the Dramatic Theater. Gustaw Holoubek; Lidia Pronobis – representative of the Works Committee of the Trade Union of Polish Actors at the Dramatic Theater. Gustaw Holoubek.

On January 5, she resigned from the position of director of the Dramatic Theater of the Capital City of Warsaw. Warsaw was canceled Monika Strzępka. He now serves as director Mariusz Guglasformer deputy director of the theater.

The Warsaw authorities made such a decision due to the director's failure to implement the provisions of the contract specifying the organizational and financial conditions of the activities of the cultural institution and the theater's operating program.

Dramatic Theater named after Gustaw Holoubek was established in 1949, and since 1955 its seat has been the Palace of Culture and Science. Since then, many important performances have been staged there, starring a number of outstanding actors and actresses. During Gustaw Holoubek's term as director, the institution gained the status of the main theater center in Warsaw and one of the most important in Poland. Since 2023, Gustaw Holoubek has been the official patron of the institution.

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