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The driver of Jarosław Kaczyński earned over a million zlotys. Donald Tusk comments

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At every step we meet the mechanisms of milking the Polish state and state-owned companies by PiS activists and activists – said the head of the Civic Platform, Donald Tusk. He commented on the property declarations of the driver Jarosław Kaczyński, who earned over a million zlotys while working for PiS. Tusk also commented on another decision to raise interest rates.

Jacek Cieślikowski is the Warsaw councilor of the PiS club, as well as the president’s driver Jarosław Kaczyński. His financial statements show that since he works for PiS, he has earned over a million zlotys. He is a co-owner of several houses, and his entire property is currently worth around three million zlotys.

Tusk: We meet the milking mechanisms of the Polish state at every step

The head of the Civic Platform was asked about Cieślikowski’s assets on Friday at the conference Donald Tusk. – In each voivodeship you will find hundreds, thousands of people who are associated with PiS and for whom the price tag is not terrible. Mr. Jacek Cieślikowski, known as Kaczyński’s driver, became a millionaire within a few years. It’s easy to imagine what the accounts of those who dealt with more serious money look like, he said.

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He added that in Poland “at every step we meet the mechanisms of milking the Polish state and state-owned companies by PiS activists and activists”.

– Mr. Kaczyński, in your closest circle there are people who earn hundreds of thousands of zlotys a year just because they are your friends, your pets. You can take care of them in the first place, and every day we will provide information from all over the country about these fat cats who, thanks to your kindness, earn a lot of money at a time when the overwhelming majority of Poles begin to suffer poverty and – in accordance with the advice of President Duda – have grit your teeth – said the head of the Platform.

Tusk: Glapiński made all possible mistakes

Tusk also commented on another one decision of the Monetary Policy Council to increase interest rates. – What happens with the loan installments is a drama from the point of view of the average Polish family who took out a mortgage – he said.

– The head of the NBP, Adam Glapiński, made all possible mistakes. As long as PiS with the help of people like Glapiński will manage Polish money and public finances, as long as we will have problems – assessed the leader AFTER.

He indicated that “the very late and missed rate hike cycle did not lead to the reduction at all inflation“We have one of the highest inflation in Europe and one of the highest inflation dynamics, despite drastic decisions by the (central) bank,” he said.

He added that the decisions to raise the rates “did not overtake the high prices, but hit the pockets of hundreds of thousands of Polish families”.

Main photo source: PAP / Marcin Bielecki

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