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The e-mail scandal and the property declaration of the wife of Prime Minister Iwona Morawiecka

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In the next correspondence published under the so-called The government spokesman, Piotr Mueller, was to advise Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on the e-mail scandal on his wife’s property declaration. “Mateusz, in connection with the President’s application to the Constitutional Tribunal on property declarations, the media will ask for his wife’s statement,” we read. “My wife’s statement is published by my wife, therefore let them ask her,” the prime minister said.

Correspondence has been appearing on the Internet for several months now, which is supposed to come – as the screenshots suggest – from the private mail of the head of the office of Prime Minister Michał Dworczyk. The rulers questioned the veracity of the e-mails, but so far have not shown a single example of manipulated correspondence. Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of State Assets Jacek Sasin He recently confirmed the authenticity of one of the e-mails in which the prime minister asked him to summon the German ambassador for an interview in connection with the publication in the “Fakt” daily, which was unfavorable for the government.

Correspondence regarding the wife’s property declaration

Another disclosed correspondence is to come from October 22, 2019. The government spokesman, Piotr Mueller, was to write to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki the e-mail about the subject of “Property declaration and the application to the Constitutional Tribunal”. The e-mail exchange also included Dworczyk, director of the Government Information Center Tomasz Matynia, and advisers to the prime minister Tomasz Fill and Mariusz Chłopik. The spelling of the e-mails presented in the text is original.

“Mateusz, in connection with the President’s application to the Constitutional Tribunal on property declarations, the media will ask for his wife’s statement” – Mueller was to write and propose “two options to choose from”:

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“1. You submit a statement despite submitting the application to the Constitutional Tribunal – that is, before the act is published in the Journal of Laws. Within the time limit that the act would have provided, had it not been appealed against. will wait for TK)

2. You are waiting for the decision of the Constitutional Tribunal in this respect and will be published when the act enters into force after the decision of the Constitutional Tribunal. Just like everyone else who will be affected by the law. In this variant, the accusations of wanting to hide assets will revive again. Certainly it is a lawsuit from the Constitutional Tribunal, etc. “

Mateusz Morawiecki with his wife Iwona Radoslaw Nawrocki / Forum

Morawiecki was supposed to answer: “my wife’s statement is published by my wife, therefore let them possibly ask her …… because I have nothing more to add here”. “As far as I know, my spouse is ready to publish it at any time, but on the other hand …… there is also the first point and therefore it is better, unfortunately, to wait …” – added the Prime Minister.

The case of the Morawiecki estate

The case of the openness of the estates of politicians’ spouses appeared when “Gazeta Wyborcza” wrote in May 2019that Mateusz Morawiecki and his wife Iwona in 2002 bought 15 hectares of land for 700,000 zlotys from one of the parishes in Wrocław. The appraiser was to assess that the property was worth almost four million zlotys in 1999.

After the publication of the article “GW”, the Prime Minister he said that with his wife “they have absolutely nothing to hide”. – I would also like to welcome such changes, such regulations that the entire property, including the spouses’ property, would be presented – he added at a press conference.

Prime Minister: we have nothing to hide (video from 21/05/2019)21.05 | Prime Minister: We have nothing to hidetvn24

Act on declarations in the Constitutional Tribunal

At the end of May 2019, the president of PiS, Jarosław Kaczyński, announced his readiness to pass a law in a short time, on the basis of which the property of spouses of politicians, people living together and adult children would be disclosed. The new law would also provide for the disclosure of the sources of assets. The bill was submitted to the Sejm at the end of August, and it stayed passed by the Seym on September 11. The Senate did not introduce any amendments, the law was sent to the president’s desk.

On October 21, 2019, it was announced that President Andrzej Duda referred the bill to the Constitutional Tribunal under the preventive control procedure. So it did not enter into force. As the then spokesman for the president, Błażej Spychalski, explained, the doubts concerned primarily the situation in which someone is to enter information about the assets of their loved ones in the asset declaration, and this information either cannot be obtained or may be imprecise.

The Prime Minister published his own declaration of assets in December 2019. On May 29, 2020, at a press conference, he was asked whether he and his wife would disclose their property, regardless of the fact that the act on the disclosure of the property of the families of the most important state officials is not yet in force. – In line with our commitment, in line with the promise we made more or less a year ago, we have prepared the relevant law. Everything must be done in accordance with the regulations. And where they correspond to the legal status, all citizens are of course obliged to perform these duties, regardless of whether there is property separation or not, replied the prime minister. As he added, “we are now waiting for the decision of the Constitutional Tribunal.”

Asked in June this year by “Fakt” the prime minister about the property, “formally your wife’s estate,” assured him that there was no undisclosed part. Morawiecki was also asked whether, as the prime minister, he expects that the act on disclosure of the property of the closest family members of politicians will be unfrozen (now it has been examined by the Constitutional Tribunal for over a year – editor’s note). – We absolutely do not freeze anything and we are in favor of transparency – declared Morawiecki.

In October 2021, the Constitutional Tribunal ruled that the act was inconsistent with the constitution. According to the Constitutional Tribunal, disclosing the financial situation of children of public officials violates the privacy, honor and good name, and the disputed mechanism of disclosing assets would also weaken family ties and could lead to conflicts among relatives. In the opinion of the Constitutional Tribunal, the challenged provisions are inextricably linked with the entire act, and the president is obliged to refuse to sign the act, which in turn means the end of the legislative process in this matter.

The prime minister’s wife’s property is back

The matter of the prime minister’s wife’s property was resumed thanks to the text by Tomasz Mildyn and Grzegorz Łakomski “A twenty-fold raise. The prime minister’s wife sold plots of land bought from the Church for almost PLN 15 million”. TVN24 and tvn24.pl have established that Iwona Morawiecka earned over PLN 14 million on the sale of plots of land in Wrocław, which she and her husband bought in 2002 for PLN 700,000. This means that the raise was twenty times.

Morawiecka explained in a statement that in 2012 the owner of 25 percent of the land was purchased. “Without this buyout, independent disposal of the property was impossible. Therefore, the total purchase price (2002 and 2012) and costs (PCC, notary public, etc.) amounted to approximately PLN 2.6 million” – she explained. Both the prime minister and his spouse in their translations omitted one important fact – part of the plot, which they bought back in 2012 for PLN 1.9 million – as Gazeta Wyborcza wrote – belonged to them before.

The prime minister was asked on Wednesday if his wife’s assets would be disclosed. Morawiecki, passing the reporter, was asked for an answer which he did not give and passed on.

The prime minister was asked if his wife's property would be disclosed

The prime minister was asked if his wife’s property would be disclosedTVN24

The government’s stance on the e-mail scandal

In the case described above, which was supposed to come from Dworczyk’s mailbox, we asked the government spokesman by e-mail. Until this text was published, we did not receive a reply.

“The Chancellery of the Prime Minister will not comment on the content of the materials used for the disinformation campaign carried out by people from beyond the eastern border of Poland. These activities are to implement specific political goals” – this was how our previous questions regarding the e-mail scandal were answered.

Main photo source: Radoslaw Nawrocki / Forum

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