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The e-mail scandal. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki’s proposal on state television. “There is nothing to do to them ‘well’ for how they show PMM”

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In the latest e-mail scandal, the topic of the alleged calendar of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki appeared, including his proposals for his appearance in the “Battle zone” and “Guest of the News” on state television. “I just don’t know why go to tvp. There is nothing to do to them ‘good’ for how PMM shows” – Mariusz Chłopik from the prime minister’s team was to write in November 2019.

Correspondence has been appearing on the Internet for several months, which is supposed to come – as the screenshots suggest – from the private mail of the head of the office of Prime Minister Michał Dworczyk. The rulers questioned the veracity of the e-mails, but so far have not shown a single example of manipulated correspondence.


Alleged correspondence regarding the calendar of Prime Minister Morawiecki

In the next e-mail scandal, there is a correspondence entitled “Plan for the coming days – an important question”, which is supposed to concern the calendar of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and his visit to state television.

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The correspondence was to be conducted in November 2019, and it was to involve Prime Minister Morawiecki, head of the Prime Minister’s office Michał Dworczyk, government spokesman Piotr Mueller, director of the Government Information Center Tomasz Matynia, Tomasz Fill, Mariusz Chłopik and the then adviser to the prime minister Izabela Antos, currently undersecretary state and deputy head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, as well as Anna Wójcik.

Matynia was to send an e-mail with a list of planned events in the head of government’s calendar. Original spelling.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, below are some information about the plan for the next few days with possible tasks. Let me know what you think. If there are no comments, you only need to add responsible persons to individual tasks” – we read in the alleged e-mail. Below, he was to publish the planned schedule, which was also to apply to Morawiecki’s visits to various media.

Tomasz Fill was supposed to respond to the news by writing: “I have some minor comments: 1. The meeting with business should take place in the week after November 25, because it must be well prepared with the economic ministers and invite participants well in advance. 2. As for the visit to TVP, I suggest go to the Fighting Zone because they really help us … 3. In Plus Minus they don’t do political interviews 4. If we do Network, we have to do Saki … 5. I’m afraid that meeting the Boss with journalists before the expose will be difficult but it could be difficult be your meeting, i.e. Michal, Piotr and TomMat …

In response, Chłopik was to include his comments, and the discussion about these proposals was to be continued by Piotr Mueller, Izabela Antos, Tomasz Matynia, and Chłopik himself.

Then Matynia was to write in the e-mail “Summary for the next few days – let’s work improving this material.” and send the schedule of the prime minister’s visits to the media, among others. It included such items as: “Sygnały Dnia Polskiego Radio”, “Interview for the Network”, “Facebook Live with the Chancellery of the Prime Minister”, “Interview to PlusMinus Rzeczpospolita – cross-section by Witwicki (publication 29.11”, “WiO Polsat”, “Gość Krzysztof Ziemiec in RMF FM “,” Fighting Zone in TVP “.

Michał Dworczyk was to react to this by writing: “I have a request to consider joining the program of the following events: Thursday – appointment of the leadership of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister. Apart from Lithuanians, there will be Belarusians and Ukrainians – an important matter in terms of identity in the context of future cooperation with neighbors.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki was to react to this with the words: “Yes – if Vilnius would fit, I would gladly fly (for me it is a great thing this funeral of the January insurgents)”.

The e-mail scandal. “I don’t know why go to tvp. There is nothing to do to them ‘good’ for how PMM shows”

The next message was to be written by Chłopik, and it was to read:

I just don’t know why go to tvp. There is nothing to do to them ‘well’, as PMM Izolacja shows

Morawiecki was to refer to this remark with a short “Exactly”.

Later in the correspondence, Izabela Antos was to confirm the prime minister’s flight to Vilnius, and Dworczyk replied: “Well, git! – as they say in Warsaw’s Powiśle;) Think about the Guest from Vilnius …”.

The boy was to answer this with the words:

We owe the clash zone to Samuel for any help, Michał. Kurski sends text messages to journalists ‘hey hey what do you need this Morawiecki for?’ and we have it

Another message was also to come from Chłopik and read:

And we have to authenticate its main program? Here is a knife battle with him. Let’s go to Samuel and there we can be sure that the lighting will be done correctly and not as recently the Lord said that he can not change the lamp that made the shadow I understand that TVP Vilnius are your compatriots, but I will lie down in this case

Dworczyk, on the other hand, was to react to this with the following words:

Then think what program can be recorded with PMM from a studio in Vilnius 🙂

At that time, Piotr Mueller was supposed to speak in the discussion and write:

This recording from Vilnius is, in my opinion, a good idea (question is it technically possible to record). As for the Clash Zone, I talked to Mariusz a moment ago and I think that it is not a good idea, because then we would have to be without audience and we will expose ourselves to a simple attack that the Prime Minister is afraid of people.

The prime minister was to address it this way:

I agree with both the first and the second

Next, Dworczyk asked Antos to send the current version of the Prime Minister’s calendar, and she would confirm that she would do so.

“Kurski has recently been to PAD and was constantly talking nonsense at PMM and you want to go there”

Then the correspondence appears with the message that Chłopik was supposed to send and it was supposed to read:

Without PMM Iście to tvp to the mistake Kurski was at PAD recently and he was talking nonsense at PMM and you want to go there

Tomasz Fill was supposed to answer that and send an e-mail saying: “I share Mariusz’s opinion. There is no need to go there right now.”

The boy was to reply to this “I am doing larger ranges on FB PMM than Kurski” and add in the next message: “Two. It is he, not ZZ, who is the brain of that mafia”.

In 2018 Chłopik was the deputy director of the Government Information Center for several months, and later he found the position of sports marketing director at PKO BP. Although formally outside the prime minister’s office, Chłopik – as we wrote on the Konkret24 portal – still dealt with running the Prime Minister’s account on one of the social networks.

The government’s stance on the e-mail scandal

Both members of the government and Dworczyk himself refrain from answering questions that concern matters presented in the allegedly published e-mails.

We asked the prime minister’s office and the government spokesman by e-mail regarding the above-mentioned correspondence.

Earlier, the Government Information Center wrote many times that “Poland has experienced a cybernetic and disinformation attack carried out from the territory of the Russian Federation”, therefore “the Chancellery of the Prime Minister will not comment on the content of the materials”.

More information about published e-mails:

Main photo source: PAP / Radek Pietruszka

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