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The election campaign has started in Hungary. Viktor Orban must face his rival

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Viktor Orban promotes his campaign before the European elections with the slogan: no migration, no gender, no war. At the same time, he announces a fight against Brussels bureaucrats. His main rival is Peter Magyar, who was little known a few months ago.

Occupying Brussels and taking matters into your own hands – these are the ideas of Viktor Orban and his Fidesz for the campaign to the European Parliament. – We must fight, we must defend the peace and security of the Hungarian people, we must defend the performance of our economy, our families, especially our children. So that those in Brussels also understand: no migration, no gender, no war – emphasized the Hungarian Prime Minister during his last speech.

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Orban, who has been in power in Budapest for 14 years and strongly sympathizes with Putin, constantly criticizes the attitude of the European Union and NATO towards Ukraine. – As long as the country is led by a national government, Hungary will not join the Russian-Ukrainian war on anyone's side, Orban said.

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These may be the most difficult European elections so far for Prime Minister Orban. The economic situation in Hungary is not easy, and 43-year-old Peter Magyar decided to stand in his way. Just a few months ago, he was known to few people. It became famous after the resignation of President Katalin Novak in connection with the pardon of a man who covered up pedophilia. Magyar's ex-wife, former Minister of Justice Judith Varga, also lost her job.

– Within a few weeks, our country plunged into the greatest political, moral and legal crisis since the fall of communism, which involved the cover-up of pedophilia crimes, the pardon scandal, corrupt management staff and corrupt members of the government – Magyar said at the end of March.

Viktor Orban's main critic organized a demonstration of thousands of people in BudapestReuters

A serious opponent for Orban

Magyar does not have radically different views from Orban on Ukraine, but he wants to end the dispute with the EU over the rule of law. His program also includes free media, an independent prosecutor's office and the fight against corruption.

– Peter Magyar is the kind of repentant gangster who was part of the Fidesz apparatus for many years and now wants to show that he is the one who knows the mafia state from the inside and can change it – says Prof. Maciej Kisilowski from the Central European University in Vienna.

He is attacked by the government media, and his ex-wife, who was to become the driving force of Orban's party in the European Parliament campaign, accused him of domestic violence. According to Magyar, Judith Varga was intimidated by the authorities.

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– It's like a political series about Hungarian politics, but it's real life. Many interesting threads emerged – such as the fact that Peter Magyar admitted that Judith Varga knew about the illegal eavesdropping of journalists and public figures by the government secret services – notes Mihály Hardy, editor-in-chief of Radio Klubrádió.

Magyar was also dealt with by the Hungarian Office for the Protection of Sovereignty, which – according to Viktor Orban's critics – is aimed at the activities of the opposition. Despite everything, crowds come to meet him.

– I didn't call you here and start this whole thing so I could overthrow the power elite myself. I started this to start a whole new era. I'm just a spark that can start the engine, Magyar said at the beginning of April.

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/Olivier Matthys

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