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The elections are getting closer. PiS president intensifies anti-German rhetoric

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The closer the elections are, the harder PiS hits anti-German tones. This electoral strategy does not interfere with the agreement with Berlin on the deployment of German Patriots in Poland by the end of the year.

PiS continues to build anti-German sentiments. All this so that there is no doubt who “interferes in the electoral process in Poland”. – We do not want the interference of foreign countries, foreign powers, in our internal affairs of Poland. We do not want the Germans to intervene, said Robert Gontarz, PiS MP, at a press conference in the Sejm.

This intervention – according to PiS – is a statement by Manfred Weber, the head of the European People’s Party, to which the Civic Platform belongs. Manfred Weber said that PiS politicians “attack the rule of law and free media” and described them as opponents. According to Robert Gontarz, the head of the EPP recognized PiS members as enemies.

Following this lead – as the opposition argues – the Prime Minister of Italy interfered in the elections in Poland, who officially supported Law and Justice in early July in Warsaw. In turn, the PiS president could interfere in the elections in Spain when he officially supported the VOX party. – The hypocrisy of Prime Minister Morawiecki himself, who flew to Madrid and promoted extreme right-wing politicians – says Agnieszka Pomaska, PO MP.

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Jarosław Kaczyński wants to defend Polish freedom. “His words are a very impudent thing”Arleta Zalewska/Fakty TVN

Changing rhetoric

Germany and Donald Tusk dominate the PiS campaign. This man should finally go away. Let him go to his Germany and let him harm there – said Jarosław Kaczyński about Donald Tusk.

– Democratic Germany is our partner in the European Union, in NATO, which helps us when something bad happens in the east. Let’s not look for enemies there, because fighting on two fronts is suicide for Poland – warns PO MP Sławomir Nitras. PiS understands this perfectly well. That is why he made an agreement with the German government to leave three Patriot batteries in Poland, which are used by the German army.

For PiS, however, the agreement between the Polish and German governments is an image problem. – I do not know the details of these agreements between the Minister of National Defense and the German authorities – says Jacek Sasin, Minister of State Assets. According to this agreement, three hundred German soldiers are stationed in Poland. – I would not want German troops on Polish territory, because at least seven generations must pass before this is allowed – said Jarosław Kaczyński in 2014. According to the opposition, it is absurd to announce a parliamentary resolution condemning external, and specifically German, interference in the electoral process in Poland.

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