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The estate of Donald Tusk. The properties were transferred to the wife. The value of the assets of the PO leader

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Donald Tusk transferred the property to his wife – according to the information provided by Wirtualna Polska. The website notes that the leader of the Civic Platform thus followed in the footsteps of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. The article tells us that the financial condition of Donald Tusk has improved significantly in recent years.

Journalists of wp.pl checked the ownership of the head of the Civic Platform. They also noted that they had described it over two months ago property that Mateusz and Iwona Morawiecki managed to accumulate. They valued all their assets at approximately PLN 40 million. It also turned out that the prime minister had transferred the vast majority of real estate to his wife.

The estate of Donald Tusk

According to the wp.pl article, Tusk’s finances have improved significantly in recent years. Money.pl calculates that he could earn about PLN 6.7 million over the years he spent in Brussels. In addition, there are further profits due to the performance of the chairman of the European People’s Party.

“In search of real estate belonging to him, we started looking at land and mortgage registers. To our surprise, at the beginning of August 2021, Tusk had no houses, flats, commercial premises, plots of land, agricultural land. Nothing. He reported it as his own today. Today they are no longer his. What happened? From the land and mortgage registers we reviewed, it appears that on August 17, 2017, one of Gdańsk notaries divided the property between Małgorzata Tusk and Donald Franciszek Tusk. to the spouse of the former prime minister, “we read.

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The portal states that among these properties is a holiday property located in Kashubia near Kartuzy. “The plot of Tusk is 3056 square meters, with a cottage of 130 square meters and access to a small pond. In 2014, Donald Tusk, in his asset declaration, valued this holiday plot at PLN 150,000” – we read. The portal’s calculations show that the plot is currently worth around half a million zlotys

“The next property, which the former prime minister transferred to his wife, is their family apartment in a small two-story tenement house in Sopot, in the Karlikowo district” – the portal points out. According to experts’ estimates, it is worth 1 million 85 thousand. PLN 750.

“The second apartment, which Tusk transferred to his wife, is located two kilometers away, in the Górny Sopot district. These are two rooms with a kitchen, 40 square meters in total, right next to the police station” – reported wp.pl. Its value was estimated at 534 thousand. 600 PLN.

Donald Tusk declined to comment on the division of property by wp.pl.

Main photo source: PAP / Tytus Żmijewski

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