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The European Commission has approved the KPO. Cezary Tomczyk: disbursement of funds is a completely different matter

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One is to accept the National Reconstruction Plan, and a completely different issue is financing – said Cezary Tomczyk, MP from the Civic Platform, referring to the decision of the European Commission on the Polish KPO. In turn, Magdalena Sroka, a member of the Covenant, stressed that EU funds are “as needed by the Polish economy as oxygen.”

the European Commission gave a positive opinion on Wednesday Polish National Reconstruction Plan. “The Polish plan contains milestones related to important aspects of judicial independence which are of particular importance for improving the investment climate and creating the conditions for successful implementation. (…) Poland must demonstrate that these milestones have been achieved before any disbursements under the Fund are made. Reconstruction “- emphasized the European Commission in the communiqué.


Magdalena Sroka, MP from the Agreement and Cezary Tomczyk, MP from the Civic Platform, commented on the matter in the Wednesday edition of “Faktów po Faktach”.

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Tomczyk: accepting the KPO is one thing, another is the payment of funds

– We knew that the National Reconstruction Plan would be approved, but accepting the KPO is one thing, and financing is another matter. The European Commission is clear – until the milestones for the independence of the judiciary in our country are met, the money will not be paid out. These are the conditions of the Commission and such was the agreement with the Prime Minister of Morawiecki – said Cezary Tomczyk.

What’s in the KPO? The testimony of Maciej Sokołowski

– Full responsibility for the fact that Poland has been waiting for a year for money from the European Union is borne by Law and Justice – said the PO MP.

He also referred to the amendments approved by Senate committees on Wednesday to the bill on the Supreme Court. – I can say that I am proud of the Polish Senate, which is the guardian of the constitution. The Senate is working very hard to ensure that this money reaches Poland as soon as possible – he emphasized.

Magpie: this money is needed like oxygen for the Polish economy

Magdalena Sroka, MP, noted that “we are all aware that the amendments that the Senate adopts will be rejected in the Sejm”. – This bill will be issued to the president in the form in which it was issued during the last session of the Seym – she assessed.

– On the one hand, we have money from the KPO at stake and this money is needed as much as oxygen for the Polish economy, and on the other hand, we have accusations that we are still talking about a rule of law in our country. If I were to say which is more important, it would be difficult to answer such a question – she added.

Magpie: KPO money is needed as much as oxygen for the Polish economy

Magpie: KPO money is needed as much as oxygen for the Polish economyTVN24

– The justice system is an area of ​​the state that will have to be repaired in the next term of office. Today there is no parliamentary power to make these changes. Unfortunately, we can see from voting by voting that this voting discipline is maintained quite strongly by PiS. I am saying this with regret, because today many changes are wrong – judged Magpie.

Tomczyk: Poles can have both

Tomczyk stressed that the thesis that there was a need to choose between the rule of law and the payment of money from the KPO “is absolutely not true”. – Poles can have both. This is the work of the Senate and this is the role of all of us, that Poles must have both. We must have a law-abiding country (…), and we have money that should go to Poland, because it is part of the European agreement – he said.

– Money in Poland would have been around a long time ago, if not for the rule of Law and Justice. If the opposition had ruled today, the money would have been for a year. They would have been circulating in the Polish economy for a year and could be published for a year, said the PO MP.

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