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The European Commission presented a draft trade agreement with Ukraine

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There is a draft trade agreement with Ukraine and it includes protective mechanisms in the event of disruptions on the agricultural market. This is no longer just a problem for Poland, Slovakia or Romania – also for the Germans and the French. An important summit begins on Thursday in Brussels – billions of euros in aid for struggling Ukraine are at stake.

Blocked highways, access to airports, gas stations and warehouses – the siege of Paris by French farmers continues, and their anger, a few months before the start of the campaign for the European Parliament, forced the French authorities to act. – On Thursday, I will meet the head of the European Commission because we asked for very specific things regarding farmers. Firstly, clear rules for imports from Ukraine, because currently both the quantity and quality of these products destabilize the European market, said Emmanuel Macron.

This matter may soon find a solution. The Commission presented a draft trade agreement with Ukraine, which includes, among other things, a backstop in the event of disruptions on the EU market. The Commission proposes restrictions on the import of sugar, eggs and poultry – noticing the protests of farmers, and not only in border countries. The new agreement, with stronger safety brakes, is to be in force from June, and in the coming weeks Poland intends to introduce its own restrictions agreed with Ukraine.

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Western unity?

Ukraine will be at the center of EU discussions on Thursday. At the summit in Brussels, leaders will conduct difficult negotiations on the approval of a multi-billion aid package for Kiev. The EU realizes that Ukraine needs money and equipment to continue its war with Russia.

On Wednesday, the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of National Defense spoke to EU defense ministers about these needs. The draft conclusions of the summit included proposals to organize an annual debate on the planned aid package for Ukraine based on reports from the European Commission.

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This is a certain concession to Hungary, which is threatening to block support. It is still unknown whether the Hungarian Prime Minister will agree to this. – I have never seen such clear and united determination on any issue as at this moment to increase military and financial aid for Ukraine during the war with Russia. And Viktor Orban will certainly face a very, very difficult test, assures Donald Tusk.

According to Politico, Ukraine may soon be provided with precisely guided bombs fired from HIMARS launchers by the Americans. This type of weapon has not yet been equipped with any army in the world. Ukraine will be the first to use them in combat conditions.

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