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The European Union is getting closer to the AI ​​Act. The new law is to regulate the issues of artificial intelligence

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The European Union wants to regulate artificial intelligence by the end of the year. If a publication, meme, or manipulated video was created by a robot that stole someone’s identity, it has to sign off on that too. For starters, technology platforms will do it on his behalf.

“The worst case scenario I can imagine is a world where robots are so powerful that they can control or manipulate people without their knowledge” – this is how artificial intelligence warns against itself.

The rapid development and growing popularity of artificial intelligence recently prompted global lawmakers to consider regulations that will help increase the benefits of this technology and limit attempts to misuse it.

– Advanced chatbots like ChatGPT can create authentic looking photos of events that never happened. They can also imitate voices based on a sample of a few seconds – indicates the deputy head of the European Commission Vera Jourova and warns that this threatens to spread disinformation, which the European Union intends to fight.

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Jourova asked the biggest technology platforms, such as Google, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok, to clearly mark photos, videos, audio recordings and texts that were generated not by human, but artificial intelligence.

– It should be clear that this is the work of a robot – emphasizes the deputy head of the European Commission.

Online platforms would be required to catch and tag so-called deepfakes – disinformation generated by artificial intelligence, which, according to the European Commission, has been spreading on a huge scale since the beginning of the full-scale war that Vladimir Putin declared in Ukraine.

We need all hands on deck to control this technology. Laws and regulations are needed to control this, says Julia Stoyanovich of New York University.

Artificial intelligence is used to create deepfakes, but it can also recognize them. “We have to be very careful”Jacek Tacik/Fakty TVN

The first such law in the world

In 2018, the European Commission signed the so-called voluntary EU Code of Conduct against online disinformation. Its signatories are currently 44 companies, including Meta, Google, Microsoft and TikTok. The thing is that the rules are voluntary, which means that the tech giants are not legally obliged to comply with Brussels’ last request. Twitter pulled out of the deal in May.

AI Act – the world’s first law to regulate artificial intelligence, is to be passed by the end of this year. – This act tells us about the threats related to artificial intelligence, which are graded – there are no threats, there are high risks, there are unacceptable risks. I think this approach is quite reasonable, says Prof. Aleksandra Przegalińska, philosopher and futurologist, Kozminski University.

The United Kingdom is also working on similar solutions, which tends to adapt existing laws to regulate artificial intelligence rather than creating new ones. The United States has a similar approach, which, according to some experts, may treat EU regulations as a kind of “transatlantic standard”.

– I met with eight leading scientists in the field of artificial intelligence. Some of them are very concerned that (artificial intelligence – editorial note) can replace human thinking. So we have a lot of work to do,” said Joe Biden, US President.

"By 2050, up to half of jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence"

“By 2050, up to half of jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence”TVN24

Actors versus artificial intelligence

The creators themselves, led by Sam Altman – the president of OpenAI, the company that created ChatGPT, call for imposing regulations on artificial intelligence. Last month, Altman held a series of meetings across Europe with policymakers and leaders to discuss the prospects and risks of artificial intelligence. On Monday, he arrived in Israel for the same purpose, and this week he plans to visit Jordan, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, India and South Korea.

– I am very encouraged by my trip around the world and meeting international leaders. We urgently need to figure out how to mitigate the risks of AI so we can enjoy its benefits. Altman said.

The dangers of artificial intelligence are also pointed out by Hollywood actors, who emphasize that this technology has drastically changed their industries. That is why the Hollywood trade union, which represents over 160,000 artists – apart from wage increases, demands, among others, protect their members against unauthorized use of their images by artificial intelligence. If talks with major film studios do not bring improvement on this issue, an acting guild strike will begin.

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