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The European Union wants to make repairing equipment easier. “It just looks like it now, it's not necessarily permanent.”

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Brussels wants to ensure that, already at the stage of equipment production, the fault can be repaired in the event of a failure. In this way, it wants to improve the quality of products and fight electronic waste. The idea is met with great enthusiasm in Poland.

The flea market is a longing for what is not disposable. – The older ones (equipment – editor's note) are the best because they last the longest – says one of the saleswomen.

Progress goes hand in hand with how we live. New equipment breaks down quickly, and often manufacturers do not even provide spare parts. – The washing machine had one part that often broke down and this part (editor's note) is not available on the market – describes Robert Karski from the “Diagnoza” website in Wrocław.

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The final repair bill not only discourages you, but even forces you to buy a new device. – We have washing machines that have 1200, 1400 revolutions and we don't need it 100%, but it takes much more use of the equipment. There used to be washing machines with 1,000 revolutions and they lasted 10, 15, 20 years. They were more durable, made of better material. Today, these materials are weaker due to costs – explains Adam Kosut from the “AGD-Bulaj” service in Poznań.

Car repair with used partsTVN Turbo

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Devices will soon have a longer life and be repairable – these are the most important assumptions of the directive of the Council of the European Union. Community countries were given two years to introduce changes to national law. The point is to change your approach and get out of the trap.

Directive of the Council of the European Union on the right to repairFakty TVN

– Young people have been made to believe that wearing the same clothes three times is proof that someone is not fashionable. There is so-called fast fashion, which is actually a business idea – producing low-quality clothes – says prof. Witold Orłowski, economist.

For now, the EU idea does not raise any objections. – Everyone will be happy, even our planet Earth. Many things will be repaired – says Daniel Sychowski from “Cooler System” in Gdynia. – It used to be that people thought more about the future: I will buy it once and do it right. Now, unfortunately, it only looks good, it is not necessarily durable – says one of the buyers at the market.

This also means less equipment will end up in landfills. At the end, the calculation has to be correct – starting with the producers. – These prices will also be passed on to consumers, which may result in an increase in the prices of the household appliances we buy in the future. Which will also discourage us from buying new ones – points out Anna Motylska-Kuźma, an economist from the University of Lower Silesia, DSW in Wrocław.

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