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The famous seicento, which was involved in the accident with the government column of Beata Szydło, has returned to its owner. It will go to the WOŚP auction

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Less than a month after the verdict, Sebastian Kościelnik picked up his Fiat Seicento, which in 2017 was damaged in an accident with the government column of the then Prime Minister Beata Szydło. The owner intends to donate the already famous vehicle to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity auction.

On Saturday, the most famous Polish Fiat Seicento returned to its owner. The car was taken from him immediately after the accident. He returned to Mr. Sebastian after six years. All the memories of that fateful day come flooding back. Looking at the front of this vehicle, one realizes how close it was to some major tragedy – admits Sebastian Kościelnik, looking at his car.

Seicento will be available for auction at the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

Interestingly, although the impact occurred from the front, the tail lamps mysteriously disappeared from the car. – I got information that they were taken for an expert opinion and the car returned without these lamps. The court also asked what happened to these lamps, but it is difficult to determine. Since other evidence was lost, the lamps are not such a big detail – he says.

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Sebastian Kościelnik also announced that he would donate the car to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity auction.

– I think that by then the car will be restored to use so that it can return to the roads, because in this condition it looks like a monument. I hope that all this amount will contribute to other good things – says Kościelnik.

The most famous fiat seicento in Poland will go to the GOCC auction18.03.TVN24

Sentence after an accident with a government column. Guilty but not punished

The accident happened on February 10, 2017 in Oświęcim. The judgment of the first instance was issued in mid-2020. Then Sebastian Kościelnik was found guilty of causing a collision with a government column. However, the court did not impose a sentence on the man. At the same time, an officer of the Government Protection Bureau was indicated as a complicity in the accident. The court sent a notification in this case to the prosecutor’s office, but the latter did not initiate proceedings.

Defender on the verdict in the case of Beata Szydło's accident (July 9, 2020)

Defender on the verdict in the case of Beata Szydło’s accident (July 9, 2020)TVN24

Both the prosecutor’s office and Mr defender of Sebastian Kościelnik. The appeal process began in March 2021.

At the end of February 2023, it collapsed final judgment in this case. The judgment of the first instance was partially upheld. The court of second instance disagreed with the decision of the District Court in Oświęcim regarding the fault of the driver of the Government Protection Bureau. The court ruled that another BOR driver, driving the third car in the convoy, contributed to the accident. The Krakow court, however, agreed that the vehicles did not use sound signals and did not constitute a privileged column.

At the same time, the court emphasized that the fact of contributing to the accident of the BOR driver does not eliminate Sebastian Kościelnik’s fault.

This is not the end of the matter

The man is currently waiting for a written justification of the verdict: – Then I will decide whether this battle will take place in Poland or maybe in the European Court of Human Rights? Koscielnik says.

And he adds that he would still do the same on the road as he did six years ago, because in his opinion he had the right of way.

Main photo source: TVN24

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