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The female dog got scared of the firecrackers and ran away. After a few days, she found herself more than a thousand kilometers from home

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A 12-year-old dog named Jackie was scared by the roar of firecrackers on New Year’s Eve and ran away from her owners. After several days of intensive searching, the animal was found not in Slovakia, but in Latvia.

On New Year’s Eve, a 12-year-old female named Jackie was scared by the bang of firecrackers and fireworks and ran away from the Duroň family living in Spišská Sobota, Slovakia.

– We were preparing Jackie for New Year’s Eve, she was given sedatives. But suddenly a firecracker went off and the female dog just disappeared – said Pavol Duroň, the dog’s owner. The animal was searched all over the city, photos of Jackie appeared on social networks. The family hung posters of the dog everywhere.

The owners of the 12-year-old bitch were looking for her on social networksENEX

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The female dog has traveled over a thousand kilometers

After a few days of searching, the female dog was found not in Slovakia, but in Latvia.

– We got a call like: hello, we are from Latvia and we have your dog, you can come and take him – said Duroň. “This dog has basically driven over a thousand kilometers without a passport,” he added.

12-year-old female dog scared on New Year’s Eve by firecrackers and ran away from her ownersENEX

As it turned out, one of the passengers of a tourist bus going to Latvia found Jackie in the parking lot while passing through Poprad and took her with him. Then he took her to the vet. Thanks to a chip placed under the skin, its owners were found.

It was difficult for the Duroň family to find transport for the dog, the plane was too risky due to Jackie’s health. – She is already a deaf old woman with cataracts, she has pancreatitis, her heart is failing – said Pavol Duroň. Finally, they managed to find someone to go to Latvia and bring their dog back home.

Main photo source: ENEX

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