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The fight against the effects of flooding continues. “Water levels are still high”

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A flood emergency is announced in other places in Poland. The problem is the overflowing of rivers and, as a result, local flooding. The reason is rain and snowmelt.

In the small village of Radawie in the Opole province, firefighters have had their hands full since dawn. Before they started building the flood embankment, they had to help local residents remove the effects of local flooding. – After opening the window, it turned out that instead of the road running in front of the house, there was a river. Everything flooded. One step separated the water from the water entering the apartment – says Dominika Urbanek, the village head of Radawie. – Several properties and some buildings on these properties were flooded – says senior captain. Daniel Kaczmarek from the District Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Olesno.

Firefighters also had to fight the effects of local floods in neighboring towns in the Olesno and Namysłów counties. – During the operations, it turned out that the one-story building was flooded, where one elderly person was staying, from where he was evacuated – says Senior Capt. Daniel Kaczmarek.

Things are starting to get unsettled in the Vistula Lagoon and Żuławy. A state of flood emergency has been introduced for communes in the Nowy Dwór County. The services are on full alert and everyone is counting on favorable winds. – Weather forecasts show that these winds will blow from different directions, and if it turns out that the wind changes to a strong north-northeasterly one, it could actually be dangerous, because the water level rises instantly with such winds – he adds Jacek Gross, staroste of Nowy Dwór. For safety, the storm gates on the Tuga River were closed – protecting Nowy Dwór Gdański and surrounding towns from flooding. – The water level in the remaining parts of Żuławy is a threat – notes Jacek Gross.

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The starosta of Nowy Dwór has announced a state of flood emergencyTVN24

Appeals from experts

The number of places where the water level is dangerously high is increasing day by day. The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management issued second and third degree hydrological warnings. – There is no voivodeship where these warnings have not been issued, because this situation is, one could say, dangerous throughout the country – admits Grzegorz Walijewski from IMWM. This is the result not only of intense rainfall, but also of the next stage of thaw, which began in December. – The earth is already very heavily permeated with water and now all it takes is a little rainfall plus possibly rainwater runoff, which causes the water level in the rivers to rise very quickly – adds Grzegorz Walijewski.

In Malowa Góra in the Lublin region, fields and meadows almost disappeared under water. Fortunately, there is no threat to residents. Due to strong winds, the gusts of which can reach up to 90 km/h, the situation is also dangerous at sea.

– The wind direction, north-west, causes the water in the Baltic Sea to be pushed to the coast, and here warning levels at sea stations are exceeded, and even alarm levels are reached locally. This was the case, for example, in Hel – says Grzegorz Walijewski. It won’t get any better in the next few days. From Wednesday, intense rainfall is also expected to occur in the southern part of the country. – Water levels are still high and it is unlikely that they will subside, because despite everything there is still rainfall, so the situation will not improve for at least the next few days – warns Katarzyna Gajda from the Planetarium in the Silesian Science Park.

Main photo source: Fakty po Południu TVN24

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