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The fire in the area of ​​ancient Olympia is under control. Arson suspect arrested

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The Peloponnese Peninsula is one of the most important cultural sites of ancient Greece. For days, there was a risk that the raging fires would reach Olympia, where there are many ancient monuments. According to Greek media reports, deliberate arson may be responsible for the fire in the vicinity of the city.

Greek authorities said on Sunday that fire brigades managed to take control of forest and brush fires near ancient Olympia in the Peloponnese peninsula.

They were several hundred meters apart

As reported by the local media, on Saturday the fires approached the sites in Olympia and created a direct threat to them. However, firefighters managed to stop the fire several hundred meters from the ancient monuments. The automatic fire extinguishing system was also activated.

Local officials believe that land speculators are responsible for the fires. “The arsonists want to destroy forests and thickets to plant vines and olive trees in their place,” they stressed.

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A public radio station reported that the police had detained a man suspected of arson near Olympia.

In many parts of Greece, due to drought, there is a second level of fire risk.


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