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The fire of the palace in Konarzewo, the police are investigating the causes. Conservator with significant losses

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An expert in the field of firefighting was unable to determine what was the cause of the fire, which completely destroyed the roof of the palace in Konarzewo near Poznań. – A specialist took samples that will be analyzed thoroughly. On this basis, we will continue to investigate why the incident happened – informs the spokesman of the Greater Poland Police. After the inspection of the conservator of monuments, it is known that the losses will be significant.

The course of the firefighting operation, which began on Tuesday evening we reported on tvn24.pl. After the fire was extinguished, a firefighting expert arrived at the scene. – His inspection did not allow for a clear conclusion as to what happened. We will have to wait for an expert to analyze the samples taken on site to determine the cause of the fire. His opinion will be crucial – says junior inspector Andrzej Borowiak from the Provincial Police Headquarters in Poznań.

She emphasizes that the owner of the historic building did not say that she had recently received threats. – She also had no other information that could indicate that someone would like to start a fire – adds Borowiak.

The fire of the palace in KonarzewoMarek Zakrzewski/PAP

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He says the fire broke out when the renovation work was being completed. – The works, if they were going on somewhere, were only finishing. In the near future, residents were to move into the building, Borowiak informs.

According to the policeman, the District Inspectorate of Construction Supervision in Poznań excluded the building from use.


Big, hard action

Firemaster Marcin Tecław from the Municipal Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Poznań, summarizing the actions of firefighters, reports that the entire attic of the building was burned in the event. – Neither the roof structure nor the covering could be saved – says the fireman.

There were 39 fire engines at the scene. Among other things, lifts and mechanical ladders were used.

– We acted primarily in the attack, we fed four currents to the fire. At the same time, we tried to act defensively to prevent the flames from spreading to other parts of the palace – describes the firefighter.

The historic palace burst into flamesTVN24 Poznan/ Tomasz Plucinski

He emphasizes that during the firefighting operation, water from hydrants and a cistern was used on site.

We also collected water from a nearby pond. It was a big and – due to the area covered by the fire – difficult action – fire master Tecław tells us.

He adds that during the firefighting, a decision was made to evacuate expensive elements of the palace’s equipment.

– Movable property was removed, mainly antique items, paintings, works of art and candlesticks – describes the firefighter.

“Substantial Losses”

The poviat conservator of monuments for the poviat of Poznań, Wiesław Biegański, emphasizes that the damage caused by the fire and the firefighting operation is expected to be significant. He informed that the roof truss from the 17th and 18th centuries had completely burnt down. The valuable historic polychromes located in the building are at risk. Their condition is not yet known.

A fire in a palace in WielkopolskaMarek Zakrzewski/PAP

– The elements subject to conservation protection in this building are, apart from the building itself, polychromes, stucco and floors. It will be possible to properly assess the resulting damage only when all the water from the firefighting operation has drained; ceilings are soaked with water. At night, in the part of the building where the firefighting operation began, water was already on the ground floor floors. On the first floor, near the ballroom, it flowed down the stairs in streams, Biegański told PAP. – Part of the polychrome in the left part of the building was very soaked at night, water flowed down the entire surface of the ceiling. It was still dry on the right side of the facility, but firefighters indicated that the firefighting operation started later there and said that water should also be expected there – he adds. The conservator emphasizes that the assessment of the state of preservation of what has survived will be possible only when the building supervision permits entering the interior of the building. And he points out that he is in contact with the provincial conservator of monuments. – The polychromes on the ceilings and vaults are under his care. We have already planned a joint commission to assess the value of cultural heritage losses. Polychromes are painted on plasters, when the plasters soak up water there is a risk that they will simply fall off. However, we will probably have to wait until next week for a real assessment of losses – says Biegański.

One of the most important facilities of this type in Wielkopolska

The county monuments conservator emphasizes that the palace in Konarzewo is one of the most important buildings in the group of baroque residences in the Wielkopolskie Voivodeship. It’s outstanding architecture. The resulting damage is a very significant loss for cultural heritage – he points out.

The fire of the palace in KonarzewoTVN24 Poznan/ Tomasz Plucinski

Main photo source: TVN24 Poznan/ Tomasz Plucinski

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