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The first bears left the dens – TVN Meteo

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There was a truly spring aura in the lower parts of the Tatra Mountains, and the first bears woke up from their winter sleep. – They take advantage of the warming and replenish their fat reserves – said Tomasz Zając, TPN educator and guide.

The Tatra National Park has published a video showing the inside of a bear den, which was left by a young male in mid-February. Thanks to the telemetry collar, naturalists observed that it had moved several kilometers away from its lair. The female and her cub were observed near Przysłop Miętusi. – It is not impossible that the bears will return to their dens around March-April, when snow will still fall. For now, they are taking advantage of the warming weather and replenishing their fat reserves. They willingly feed on carrion, which may be dead or bitten by wolves, deer or chamois that did not survive the winter or died buried in avalanches – said Tomasz Zając, educator and guide of the Tatra National Park.

The first bears left the dens (Tadusz Rusek, TPN)Tadusz Rusek, TPN

The males wake up first

The naturalist added that males wake up first. Then the females that gave birth to their young around January come out of the dens.

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Tomasz Zając pointed out that bears attack people only when the bear feels threatened or when the female protects the cubs. – If you encounter a bear on the trail, you should remain quiet and calm and move away in the opposite direction. We cannot escape from a bear because it can accelerate up to 50 kilometers per hour – warned Zając. IN Tatra Mountains Spring weather prevails at the height of the lower montane. Above the forest line, conditions are still wintry. There are 120 centimeters of snow on the peak of Kasprowy Wierch.

Brown bear (Ursus arctos)Adobe Stock

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