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The first government meeting, the budget for next year and the issue of pay raises. The new government’s plans for next week

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After two months of suspension, there was a change of government in Poland. Now, day after day, various political decisions are made. These include the issue of the budget and teacher pay raises.

Pay raises for teachers are the government’s task for the next week. – It will be 30 percent. We have just received documents from the Ministry of Finance regarding specific amounts – says Joanna Mucha, deputy minister of education from KP Poland 2050 – Third Way. – We have money for the increases we promised – he adds.

The Council of Ministers is to approve the increases on Tuesday, along with the new budget. This will be the first official meeting of the new government. – If there is such a solution, we will support it – announces Marcin Horała from PiS.

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However, the questions concern the second part of the promise made in “Stu Konkrety” by the Civic Coalition, i.e. increasing teachers’ salaries, but by at least PLN 1,500. As for this provision, the discussion continues. – These will be talks at the Ministry of National Education. The Polish Teachers’ Union has not visited this building for a long time – says Sławomir Broniarz, president of the ZNP. This will be not only the first meeting with the new Minister of Education, but also the first such meeting with ZNP representatives in a long time.

The talks will concern not only pay rises, but above all plans for the coming year. – A 30 percent increase is a very large increase. We appreciate this fact, but we will discuss the details when an annex appears, i.e. a salary table illustrating how much teachers at particular levels of professional advancement will earn as part of their basic salary – assures Broniarz. – I will also meet with other headquarters, my deputies will also meet. 30 percent – as we promised – adds Barbara Nowacka, Minister of Education.

The pay rises will also apply to teachers in kindergartens and staff at universities. – Without good remuneration, there will be no good lecturers – emphasizes Dariusz Wieczorek, Minister of Science from the New Left.

What will Barbara Nowacka change in schools? First of all, he asks not to give homework on holidaysPaweł Laskosz/Fakty po Południu TVN24

More raises

The Minister of Finance and his people have been working on the draft budget in recent days. Specific documents have already reached the ministers’ desks. After the government adopts the project, it will be dealt with by MPs.

– As the Minister of National Defense, I would also like to inform you that the 20-percent raises apply to soldiers of the Polish Army, apply to civilian employees, and apply to all institutions subordinated to the Ministry of National Defense – says Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Defense from PSL – Trzecia Droga.


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