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The first star on Christmas Eve 2023. What time will it appear? When should you look for it in the sky?

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On Christmas Eve, the moment when we see the “first star” in the sky in the evening, according to tradition, determines the time when we can sit down for Christmas Eve dinner. The first object in the sky that we will see after dark will be the Moon, and the next one – looking like a star – will be Jupiter. Check what time they will appear.

Today’s sunset will occur in Warsaw at 3:27 p.m. This means that around 4 p.m. or a little later we can start looking for the “first star” – of course, unless the sky is cloudy. The moment of sunset in Poland may vary up to about 20 minutes, depending on what part of the country we are in.

If we are to look for stars in the sky, as Karol Wójcicki, the author of the blog “With Your Head in the Stars”, pointed out, “the situation does not change.” The first to appear always are Vega in the constellation Lyra, which is visible above the western horizon, and the “imperceptibly fainter” Capella in the constellation Auriga on the northeastern side of the sky.

After sunset, we will first see the Moon and then Jupiter

However, other celestial bodies will be visible earlier. – The first object we will see after sunset will be the Moon – said Wójcicki in an interview with tvnmeteo.pl. The Earth’s natural satellite will be approaching full moon on Christmas Eve, so if weather conditions allow it, it should be very visible. – The second object will resemble a star at first glance, but it will be a planet – said Wójcicki. It’s about Jupiter, which – as he added – “has been dominating the evening and night sky with its glow for several months.” After sunset, it will appear above the southeastern horizon. Jupiter can be distinguished from the stars by the fact that – like every planet – it shines with constant light, while the stars “blink”. Those who want to wait to start Christmas Eve dinner until the actual star appears in the sky and the sky is covered with clouds can be sure that around 4:30 p.m. it will get dark enough for the stars to be visible.

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The first star over Wrocław – recording from 2022TVN24/Daniel Stanisławski

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