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‘The 5’ on Biden’s dealing with of COVID amid new Omicron variant

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It is a rush transcript from “The 5,” November 29, 2021. This copy might not be in its closing type and could also be up to date.

DANA PERINO, FOX NEWS HOST (on digicam): Howdy, everybody. I am Dana Perino, together with Dagen McDowell, Geraldo Rivera, Jesse Watters, and Greg Gutfeld. It is 5 o’clock in New York Metropolis, and that is THE FIVE.

President Biden pushing for calm over the newest COVID variant, Omicron, after inflicting panic with a journey ban towards eight nations in Africa beginning at present.


JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: This variant is a trigger for concern, not a trigger for panic. We’ll battle this variant with scientific and educated actions and velocity, not chaos and confusion. We’ve extra instruments at present to battle the variant than we have ever had earlier than.

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The most effective safety towards this new variant or any of the variants on the market those we’ve got been coping with already is getting totally vaccinated and getting a booster shot.


PERINO (on digicam): However the physician in South Africa who found the variant stated the world may very well be overacting.


UNKNOWN: Presently what we’re observing is delicate {cases}. There’s nothing vital that claims we’re shifting into an actual program shifting ahead.


PERINO (on digicam): And President Biden being accused of hypocrisy over his journey ban. And this tweet when the then candidate accused President Trump of being Xenophobic for imposing a journey ban on China through the begin of the pandemic. However the White Home says that it isn’t the identical this time.


JEN PSAKI, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: What the president was crucial of was the best way that the previous president put out, I consider a Xenophobic tweet, and the way he referred to as, what he referred to as the coronavirus and who he directed it at.

The president has not been crucial of journey restrictions. We’ve put these in place ourselves.


PERINO (on digicam): However Greg, the virus goes to mutate, we knew that. However one factor is attention-grabbing when President Biden was speaking for those who’ve seen the background, there’s Christmas decorations and it was simply on the Fourth of July —


PERINO: — when he declared independence from the pandemic nevertheless it continues.

GUTFELD: Such a racist. I imply, it’s superb. Not solely does he have blood on his arms for the variety of those who have died underneath his watch, which is now greater than when Trump was president and Biden has the vaccines. So he has blood on his arms and now he is additionally a racist for this journey ban.


GUTFELD: Sure. I am simply making an attempt to really feel like a Democrat.


GUTFELD: That is —


JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS HOST: Geraldo does not have any speaking level.

GUTFELD: Sure. I simply took —


PERINO: He’s making an attempt to make the lead.

GUTFELD: No, I am making an attempt — I used to be simply channeling precisely what they did when — I imply, every part that they criticize Trump for has turned out to be appropriate, whether or not it was the vaccines which they stated have been harmful or you may’t belief them or the journey ban, you may return even additional to no matter you need.

However this new variant worry is sporting off on the American public. It is like a deadbeat relative that claims it should keep for a few days and it is now happening months. We’re prepared, we’re performed and that is really excellent news. When you’ve gotten a light variant that is contagious, principally what that’s, is nature’s vaccine, proper?

You are giving all people antibodies, you may get mildly sick, you in all probability will not get sick. Nature is offering the answer to its personal drawback. For this reason we champion pure immunity.

So, I am actually sick of the phrase bracing. Proper? We’re at all times bracing for one thing. We’re bracing for riots, we’re bracing for hurricanes, we’re bracing for a brand new variant.

Why do not we simply as a media cease bracing for issues and simply clarify it as factually as attainable, which is, no one actually is aware of, take heed to the consultants. It is in all probability delicate. It may elevate your pure immunity, get on along with your life. No lockdowns.

If any — take a look at Australia. That is a rustic by which the federal government —


GUTFELD: — is in management, they’ll hell in a handbasket. The US, the folks management this nation, do not allow them to lock down, do not allow them to do something. They push this far sufficient.

PERINO: It’s attainable, I supposed, Dagen, some folks would say, there’s — it is attainable to underreact but in addition to overreact. Right here in New York already the governor is asking on everybody to postpone their elective surgical procedures.

DAGEN MCDOWELL, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Madness. A pal of mine textual content me and stated there’s not this vacation celebration we’re alleged to go to this week, and I used to be like, why? The variant. And I used to be like expletive, expletive, expletive, expletive. It does not make any sense for various causes.

Primary, 95 p.c of the immune acids on this variant are the identical as the unique virus. So, the vaccine corporations can —


MCDOWELL: — develop a vaccine. I am a nerd, I had a number of time on my arms over the weekend. Additionally, we’ve got capsules which can be going to begin popping out, antiviral capsules from Merck. It goes up for FDA tomorrow after which Pfizer after which even Roche has one underneath improvement.


MCDOWELL: The place there will likely be no dying from this virus. You’ll take it a capsule out of your doc earlier than you ever get to a hospital. However to Greg’s level, if — so at present, thank God, he stated no lockdowns. He simply stated put on a masks, get your vax, so he is basically doing nothing.

So, if that was — I imply, do panic peddlers are upset about it? But when that was Trump, the response can be you aren’t doing something totally different.

PERINO: Proper.

MCDOWELL: You’re insensitive. How reckless are you. You’re uncaring and unserious. That may be the response. However we may very well be grateful as a result of lockdowns do extra hurt than good.


MCDOWELL: We needs to be glad going into the Christmas season. Biden will not be more likely to lock down, and in addition, his approval rankings are within the commode so he does not have the political capital to do it.


MCDOWELL: So, it will likely be nice —


PERINO: What’s attention-grabbing, Geraldo, is that Democrats appear to consider that the COVID is each the reason for his political issues but in addition the answer to his political issues.

RIVERA: Properly, if he strikes decisively and it appears as if he has it underneath management, nevertheless it doesn’t appear that. I imply, I used to be more than happy no new lockdowns. I feel that is the headlines of what occurred — occurred at present.

However you noticed what occurred with the equities market Friday, individuals are actually on edge, dad and mom of college age youngsters, , dad and mom with faculty age youngsters are very apprehensive that their lives may very well be completely disrupted once more due to this factor.

Christmas looming, , with bracing for extra disruption. We’re bracing for extra panic. I consider that if Biden cannot management COVID his presidency is a failure. If he do — if he does management COVID, then I feel that he has an affordable expectation of a profitable presidency.

But it surely’s all about COVID, it is not concerning the economic system. It is COVID, COVID, COVID. We’re sick of it and also you wish to be by way of with it. You simply wish to put it within the rearview mirror and each different cliche however the truth of the matter is, this stuff pop up —


RIVERA: — and I feel to attenuate them so cannot actually —


PERINO: Greg had an excellent level although concerning the trans — if it is extra transmissible nevertheless it’s extra delicate, then that could be an excellent factor so then all people can really get again to regular. There was this additionally, Jesse, Dr. Fauci was on the Sunday reveals, you may discover that a bit of onerous to consider.


PERINO: And we had a bit of sound from one thing that occurred there. Let’s pay attention in.


ANTHONY FAUCI, DIRECTOR, NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ALLERGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES: They stand up and criticize science. No one goes to know what they’re speaking about. But when they stand up and actually aimed, they’re bullets at Tony Fauci, effectively folks can acknowledge there’s a particular person there so it is simple to criticize, however they’re actually criticizing science as a result of I symbolize science. That is harmful.


PERINO (on digicam): Jesse?

WATTERS: Science created the virus. The virus was created in a lab. You’ll be able to’t criticize the science that created this lethal pandemic? Is not that the scientific methodology, by the best way, you continually need to problem the science? If we did not continually problem and assault the science, we’d nonetheless be curing issues with leeches, we might have leeches on, Geraldo, if he was close to COVID or one thing like that. That is loopy. And it is onerous —


GUTFELD: He’ll get misplaced (Inaudible) his mustache.

WATTERS: You’ll be able to have one proper there. And it’s —

RIVERA: I simply trimmed it.

WATTERS: — it’s attention-grabbing as a result of I do assume and it is onerous for me to say that Biden did the appropriate factor.


WATTERS: You hear concerning the mutation. You slap a journey ban on and you then assess. And the early evaluation appears like this factor will not be that malicious. And that is in accordance with Goldman Sachs and the scientists two those who I belief far more now than Dr. Anthony Fauci.

And it appears just like the vaccines are going to be efficient towards this new mutation. Would you think about Pfizer popping out and saying, what, no, our vaccines are usually not efficient towards this new variant. Sure, proper, all people throws their arms up, nobody would purchase vaccines anymore they’d lose $4 billion.

New variants are worthwhile for Pfizer and Moderna. In fact, they will be efficient. In fact. I am not apprehensive concerning the new pressure. I am worrying about how the federal government goes to overreact to the brand new pressure.


WATTERS: If they aren’t going to permit elective surgical procedures right here in New York —

GUTFELD: What are you going to do about that?

WATTERS: My lipo. My nostril, my lipo, my hair implants. And in the event that they dare shut down eating places, I may need to run for president simply on reopening eating places.

PERINO: And save America.

WATTERS: I will — I’d win on that platform.

PERINO: You may really.


PERINO: You may,

GUTFELD: There’s a greater drawback right here that nobody is addressing and I’ve to convey it up for America. You’re sporting a black tie with a blue jacket.

PERINO: I observed that.


GUTFELD: You discover this —

WATTERS: Emma stated this wasn’t good. Sure.

GUTFELD: You discover this.

PERINO: I discover that —

GUTFELD: No. You can not — you knew that I’d be thrown out of the home if I left sporting that.


RIVERA: A funeral?

WATTERS: Shut up, Geraldo. You have got a mustache.

MCDOWELL: Simply inform folks it is navy.


PERINO: It is a darkening.

WATTERS: I am colour blind.

PERINO: Sure. All proper. Up subsequent, Democrats in a panic about inflation are usually not going to be glad what the president simply did.


GUTFELD (on digicam): President Biden bailing on an enormous speech about inflation at present as Democrats beg Joe to take motion. Susceptible liberals are reportedly apprehensive the provision chain disaster goes to chew them in subsequent 12 months’s midterms.

Biden was alleged to reassure Individuals after assembly high CEOs about this subject earlier, however he abruptly scrapped these plans and rescheduled the speech for Wednesday. Jesse, what does this imply is rescheduling?

WATTERS: I do not know. My sources —


GUTFELD: Not in the future however for 2 days?


GUTFELD: What are your sources telling you?

WATTERS: My sources are saying hunter relapse. I haven’t got any sources.

PERINO: Jesse!

WATTERS: I am kidding. I haven’t got any sources. You assume I’ve sources within the Biden White Home? Here is the factor with the provision chain disaster, I am shocked we nonetheless have one. Did not Joe Biden repair it when he stated he was going to maintain the ports open?

RIVERA: It’s thought-about —


WATTERS: What occurred to that nice repair two months in the past? He is simply going to maintain them open 24/7, proper? So, I look into this. Just one terminal within the two largest ports in L.A., in Lengthy Seashore, one terminal stayed up open in a single day for a number of days. No truckers got here by. Not a single trucker got here by to choose up some cargo. So, the man, , we’re simply going to shut it.

So, what did Joe did? Did he clear up that truck subject? No, he slapped vax mandates on truckers, the those who actually do not come near anybody in weeks. So that is what he did there. The rationale we’ve got this additionally in addition to shifting the factories to China is as a result of Dr. Fauci shut down this economic system. Nobody has ever performed that within the historical past of the world. Shut down an economic system due to the pandemic.

Why did he do it? As a result of it largely impacts {old} folks. Who run the nation? {Old} folks. {Old} folks do not wish to die. They run issues, so that they’re like, all proper, nobody get close to me. So, nobody — nobody bought close to {old} folks however then the {old} folks would not let anyone else get close to themselves. Proper?

So, all people stayed house, and in order we got here again up, Joe dropped $2 trillion in like — I do not know, the identical month because the economic system reopened, that is like fiscal methamphetamines bought constructed. Proper by way of the moon after which we’ve got this inflation, the economists are like, my God, I did not see this coming. It is the one career they bought paid to not see issues coming.

GUTFELD: You’re —


WATTERS: All the time sudden when you find yourself an economist.

RIVERA: I feel I ought to have a drug check.

GUTFELD: You’re extra entertaining than drunk historical past.

PERINO: I really like that.

RIVERA: That appeared like drunk historical past.


GUTFELD: That is no one — buried inside a number of that was the reality.


GUTFELD: Proper?

WATTERS: Thanks.

GUTFELD: Geraldo, you have been going to take subject with one thing there, have been you?

PERINO: He stated that the provision chain disaster is best.

RIVERA: I feel provide chain is, they are saying it is eased by no less than one-third and by the depend of the containers, however we do not do tales about processes working. We solely do issues that —


WATTERS: I could not discover bananas on the grocery retailer yesterday.


WATTERS: Bananas.

RIVERA: You’re (Inaudible) in your neighborhood bodega? i do not —

WATTERS: Not a bodega. I do not go there.

RIVERA: However let me say this about inflation.


RIVERA: Inflation. Dagen is correct. In a white, sizzling economic system and we’ve got a white-hot economic system now, look, we’ve got to face information. The issues are actually buzzing. Dagen can inform us much more particularly together with her nice acumen in enterprise. However with the —


MCDOWELL: Cease sucking up.

RIVERA: When enterprise is buzzing, , you’ve gotten — you do have some provide points, value goes up, individuals are getting increasingly jobs. They’re, for rent indicators nonetheless all over the place, there are folks being employed, the workforce is increasing, we’ve got, I feel an affordable expectation within the first quarter of subsequent 12 months. We’re going to have a useful, affluent nation if it isn’t derailed by COVID.

I hold coming again to it. All of those tales about every part else imply nothing if the nation get sick once more and get scared once more and will get cloistered once more and {old} folks get remoted once more.

GUTFELD: Dagen cared to reply. He — after he buttered you up like a butterball turkey?

MCDOWELL: The economic system will not be sizzling for lots of people.


MCDOWELL: Wages adjusting for inflation, our actual wages are down greater than 2 p.c since January of this 12 months. So, inflation is for the higher class is an inconvenience however for working women and men on this nation, it’s a nice hardship.

And that’s one thing and I do not wish to step on what Dana goes to speak about, however that’s one thing for a second when the Biden administration, Joe Biden himself, by no means bought their heads round. They have been sluggish to reacknowledge it, they stated it is transitory. The Federal Reserve simply retains pumping juice into the economic system.

You have got Ron Klain re-tweeting that it is a high-class drawback. Whole insensitivity to individuals who have to decide on between, OK, what am I consuming for dinner and might I replenish my automobile —


MCDOWELL: — tomorrow morning? And it is simply — so in fact, Joe Biden will not be going to speak at present. He is like, you may see it, I’ve to go on the market and act like I care? I bought to —

RIVERA: Come on.

MCDOWELL: — like they don’t care. And Jen Psaki at present, —

RIVERA: Informal cruelty.

MCDOWELL: Jen Psaki at present stored — retains saying that construct again higher this big welfare monstrosity goes to assist inflation. See, once more, these egghead economists are silly. They did not see this coming. The feds, the inflation price is thrice what they anticipated it will be. And Jen Psaki is standing up there telling the American folks what they know will not be true?

GUTFELD: All proper, Dana.

PERINO: Properly, I feel a part of the factor is that they initially stated inflation wasn’t occurring after which they stated it will be short-term. After which they stated, effectively, it is actually not that unhealthy. It is solely going to be a greenback extra.

GUTFELD: Proper.

PERINO: Or it is a high-class drawback. However then they realized, wait, the ballot numbers are literally displaying one thing unhealthy. So, then they began in charge everybody. However the issue is they are not on the identical web page by way of who they’re blooming.

For instance, they’re blaming power corporations for rising fuel costs, whereas on the similar time speaking to OPEC begging them to extend manufacturing.


PERINO: So, it is like one unhealthy factor after one other.

GUTFELD: There you go. One unhealthy factor after one other —


RIVERA: One remark.

GUTFELD: — from the Biden administration.

RIVERA: How are you going to condemn construct again higher on the similar time you bemoan the scenario with the bottom paid folks probably the most humble amongst us?


MCDOWELL: As a result of it is inflation that is consuming into their wages.

RIVERA: I imply, why not — what you’re making is an argument —

MCDOWELL: You recognize what —

RIVERA: — for construct again higher.

MCDOWELL: You’re evident, you — it is not as a result of it is a welfare monstrosity and it pumps more cash —


RIVERA: It takes fewer —

MCDOWELL: — it pumps more cash into an economic system that does not want —

RIVERA: Youngster tax credit score.

MCDOWELL: — extra fiscal stimulus.

RIVERA: Pre-Okay.

MCDOWELL: Sure. Cash that the economic system does not want —


RIVERA: It helps the poor.

MCDOWELL: — primary. You recognize what —

RIVERA: Your professor care.

MCDOWELL: — you’re proof of what Democrats take into consideration doing nothing. It is anathema for them —

RIVERA: I am a Republican.

MCDOWELL: Get the hell out of the best way, that is what you’re must do on this economic system.

GUTFELD: All proper. And on that glad observe, it is nice to be again though I want a haircut. Take a look at that factor, huh. All proper. Bail reform backlash, a relative of one of many victims blasting the dirtbag behind the parade rampage.


RIVERA (on digicam): Outrage over a so-called progressive bail reform after the Waukesha Christmas parade bloodbath, seven youngsters nonetheless recovering within the hospital one week after a derange driver out on $1,000 invoice for alleged home violence plowed his car by way of the gang, killing six, injuring greater than 60 others.

The uncle of a bit of woman preventing for her life speaking with Decide Jeanine this weekend. And a few alternative phrases for the violent ex-con wife-beating punk allegedly chargeable for the mass homicide.


JEANINE PIRRO, FOX NEWS HOST: What do you wish to see occur to Darrell Brooks after what you noticed this previous Sunday?

RYAN KOHNKE, UNCLE OF WAUKESHA VICTIM: After listening to every part that he had after they learn out the entire fees that he had previous to what he did on Sunday, it made me sick to my abdomen. I hope that he spends the remainder of his life in jail in isolation. I hope that he has a number of time to sit down in there and take into consideration how he negatively impacted all of those folks’s lives on this neighborhood for the remainder of his life.

PIRRO: All proper.


RIVERA (on digicam): And Trey Gowdy blasting the left for his or her function in pushing ridiculously liberal bail reform insurance policies.


TREY GOWDY, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: We do not want prosecutors to react after there are six our bodies laying on a parade route. We’d like prosecutors and politicians who prioritize public security beforehand. And there are nonetheless these on the left calling for decrease bonds.

The remainder of us want to recollect for all of the Novembers to return so we will make certain these prison sympathizers and apologists masquerading as politicians and prosecutors are by no means able to affect coverage once more.


RIVERA (on digicam): The motive force of the car, Dagen, Darrell Brooks, 39- year-old Darrell Brooks, he has referred to as for violence towards white folks. He has famous his admiration for Hitler. Can we safely name him a racist?

MCDOWELL: You’ll be able to name him a assassin, alleged homicide.

GUTFELD: No, however calling him a racist is worse, bear in mind.


RIVERA: However would not you name him a racist if he have been white and the gang was black?

MCDOWELL: I do not know as a result of I do not play that. I do not play that sport. He’s an alleged assassin who ought to have by no means been on the streets.

RIVERA: What concerning the race factor?

WATTERS: If I noticed him on social media, which I’ve, he’s a racist. He’s a black militant racist and I am snug saying that.

RIVERA: And but no one is saying it out facet of the step —


WATTERS: Nobody will say it, Geraldo. Nobody will say it clearly as a result of the media does what it does. I came upon by way of the U.Okay. Each day Mail this man was convicted of making an attempt to explode a on line casino in Las Vegas.

RIVERA: I did not know that.

WATTERS: Sure. Now why is the U.Okay. Each day Mail breaking that story and the U.S. media does not find out about it? That is a disgrace. Additionally, I do not like utilizing the phrase bail reform anymore. That is liberal lingo, they created that. It isn’t bail reform. Nothing was reformed, they simply removed bail.

Name it jail reform then. They simply wish to hold folks out of jail. Now, that is not reform. Why do we have to reform bail? Bail has been working for a whole lot of years. You do not reform one thing that is been working for a whole lot of years, you retain it.

And the explanation white liberal prosecutors like this complete bail reform factor is that they assume all black individuals are out and in of jail on a regular basis. It is like the identical like, one p.c of those folks which can be committing the identical quantity of crimes and getting launched over and over after which they’re going out and they’re preying on the black neighborhood.

Black neighborhood does not like bail reform. They’re getting revictimized by the identical folks which can be being launched by white liberal prosecutors simply to allow them to fulfill their savior complicated. They should give attention to defending the neighborhood as a substitute of defending the criminals.

RIVERA: Bail reform apart and we’re going to cope with that extra as this system progresses at present.

Dana, what about the truth that CNN reporting this — I hate to place down rival networks —

GUTFELD: Oh, I do too.

RIVERA: — however they stated that the SUV plows into crowds, one thing alongside that. It wasn’t that black militant driver —

PERINO: Rammed his automobile —

RIVERA: Rammed his car purposely, apparently, right into a crowd and killed six folks getting old — starting from 11 to 81 years {old}. It is that it was an SUV plowing — I imply, it appears like they’re bending over backward to create a story — going again to Jesse’s level — it’s a narrative that they’ve they’ve created, they’re residing with, they’re , embellishing and going with.

PERINO: When the horrible person who used his car to ram folks and killed no less than one, I consider, injured a few others in Charlottesville at that occasion, we talked about that for months. And that was a horrible occasion and he deserved every part he had come into him.

And this one, after he kills grandmothers and youngsters at a Christmas parade, figuring out all that we find out about his background, and to Jesse’s level, they actually know concerning the social media, they’re out of the blue far more concerned about each different matter. It is telling.

RIVERA: Properly, January sixth principally. However you need to name them out, Jesse — Greg. You have got — bail reform is an actual subject. Individuals shouldn’t be held unnecessarily. Previous to trial, you need to have an expectation that they are going to present up and they won’t be a hurt to the neighborhood till they’re tried.

However there’s a stage the place it is ridiculous, $1000 bail for a man with the rap sheet that goes again 50 pages is ridiculous.

GUTFELD: Sure, I imply, there’s — there’s an attention-grabbing factor happening and it is a inform. When a white particular person commits a criminal offense, for example — and it is reported by MSNBC or CNN — that particular person will likely be blamed or the race as an entire, white supremacist, proper? It is a product of white — Kyle Rittenhouse, clearly a white supremacist they declare. Now, they’re getting their asses sued rightly so.

However when it — when it’s a non-white, what occurs is it turns into the item whether or not it’s a automobile, a gun, a buying cart thrown from an overpass or a rock. A latest headline from CNN — I feel it was yesterday — Asian girl was attacked with a big rock.

PERINO: Proper.

GUTFELD: You get to the second or third paragraph, you discover out it is a 31- year-old male. However there is a inform there. If it is — you will need to divorce accountability from the person who’s accountable as a result of you can be deemed racist by the legacy media and the activist class.

No one needs to be seen as racist, so what they do is that they bury the suspect. Additionally, it’s one other instance of the well-known phrase of soppy bigotry of low expectations. We do not wish to say that these folks commit crimes, proper? That may — that may be horrible. So, what they do is that they exit of their approach to masks it.

And now, to your level about bail reform, it is based mostly on this silly concept that we’re criminalizing poverty. We’re not. As a result of we’re — there’s — in these crimes, usually, all people is in the identical revenue stage. So, let’s not fake it is Jesse and another man, , makes $7 million, $8 million 12 months and a few man who, , runs a sizzling canine stand is like committing the identical crime. That is simply to get again at you.

RIVERA: However you desire a stage of bail that’s commensurate.


RIVERA: If it is this man that makes $7 million, then he ought to have a giant bail like, 7,000 —

GUTFELD: However — however that is based mostly on — that is based mostly on an phantasm —

RIVERA: Smaller however nonetheless affordable.

GUTFELD: It is based mostly on phantasm that folks in the identical revenue brackets commit totally different — it is not that method.

PERINO: Proper.

RIVERA: In fact.

GUTFELD: So, after the riots in like ’68, the conclusion was hey, it is racism and inequality. 50 years later we’ve got these riots and what can we blame it on? Racism and inequality. Even after —

RIVERA: The snatch and seize.

GUTFELD: Sure. Even after implementing the identical issues that we have been alleged to implement after 1968, we did for 5 many years. And we’re worse off than we at the moment are by excusing precise violence, actual violence, saying an object — an object is accountable. That is 50 years of progressive reform for you. There are not any extra criminals, simply crimes by inanimate objects.

RIVERA: By Ghislaine Maxwell. Up subsequent, some media in a panic over how the brand new COVID pressure might harm Joe Biden’s presidency.


GUTFELD: Oh, no, no, no. No people music. No people music.



WATTERS: I did not decide the tune. Guys, guys, let’s go. Come on. It is only a tune.

GUTFELD: It is about time.



WATTERS: Oh, you would not know.

RIVERA: Blue sea and the sky with diamonds.

WATTERS: All proper, Geraldo. The media in whole panic mode over the brand new COVID variant, not as a result of they assume it should hurt Individuals, however as a result of it should harm President Biden’s political standing. And the true hazard is these scary Republicans who stand in Biden’s method.


CHUCK TODD, HOST, MSNBC: Does he take this chance to type of push again at the entire Republicans? Does the president use this as a possibility to principally use the bully pulpit, push again in any respect of this vaccine misinformation that is on the market, and seize a maintain of this.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I’d say that this poses a big problem to the Biden administration notably on the financial entrance. Heading into an election 12 months for the abiding administration which is crucial, it might spell hassle.


WATTERS: Hassle for Biden, not the folks that would get sick.

PERINO: OK, so I actually assume that these hosts want to begin studying extra of what I am studying which is left-wing substack.


PERINO: OK, that is the place yow will discover out the place individuals are actually speak — what individuals are actually speaking about on the left. Due to the vacation weekend final week, we type of missed it. However there was a examine that got here out and the Democrats stated, what, we higher learn this, , we actually ought to learn this since you dig into why Democrats voted towards Terry McAuliffe in Virginia and for Glenn Youngkin. Nearly all of it needed to do with COVID closures, lockdowns, and particularly faculties, and the masking, and the overreach of presidency.

And so, you had all of those left-wingers saying, all people — we must always — all people ought to take discover of this. And it goes into vacation weekend and also you get these Sunday reveals saying wow, that is going to be actually unhealthy. The most effective factor that Biden might do might be what he began to do at present which is let’s not panic, let’s not do any extra lockdowns, after which he ought to go a step additional and saying, and really we must always take the masks off of youngsters in faculties. We’ve — we must always do this to that — we must always do this beginning tomorrow.

Like, that sort of factor would really assist him. He was in a position to attempt to win — he received due to COVID, however now he is eight factors underwater on folks pondering that he does not give them correct data on COVID. So, that is really a possibility for him if they’d simply learn left-wing substacks.

WATTERS: And he was on uh the quilt of the Publish at present, Gutfeld, as a result of he went buying in Nantucket. An enormous signal says masks inside and he is bought no masks.

GUTFELD: Typical racist with blood on his arms. You recognize, whenever you — however going again to what — what was that man’s identify, Todd Chuck?

WATTERS: Chuck Todd.

GUTFELD: Whenever you resolve to see every part by way of one lens, on this case, it is a political lens, you find yourself being a dope who roots for issues that hurt folks however will profit your politics, proper? So, then you’ve gotten — what you find yourself is you’ve gotten a whole progressive motion that roots for a rustic to hit all-time low as a result of they will be those which can be in a position to regrow the nation and save the day. The issue is, the celebration that creates the issue at all times claims to be the one who solves it.

WATTERS: Did you see the Michigan sport over the weekend?


WATTERS: There’s like 100,000 folks in that stadium. Michigan is getting slaughtered by COVID-19, primary state per capita COVID case. Nobody says something about pricey Gretchen. Nobody says something.

RIVERA: They beat Ohio state. I’m not concerned about that.

WATTERS: Not concerned about speaking about that, I am sorry.

RIVERA: By no means. You recognize, we’d like a coverage shifting ahead the place the president can, , convey the nation together with him. These commentators that you simply noticed there, those self same commentators in January have been ebullient. They have been so euphoric. They have been — and their rankings have been ticking up and Rachel Maddow was, , beating Hannity for 10 minutes and —

WATTERS: Do not you dare.

RIVERA: However then — however then as Biden’s presidency took maintain and it began to put on him down and COVID was cussed within the economic system and the provision chain and all the remainder of it, then the commentators additionally grew to become deflated and defensive and so they recognized completely with the person within the Oval Workplace and so they see their very own prospects rise and fall with this.

WATTERS: They have been — that’s true. It is a good level.

DAGEN MCDOWELL, FOX NEWS CHANNEL ANCHOR: They’re nonetheless superior although at ignoring information or not doing any work in any respect as a result of it is Chuck Toad —

GUTFELD: Chuck Toad.

MCDOWELL: Chuck Toad, Chuck Toad — he is speaking about Republican states, the most effective states by way of {cases} of COVID per 100,000. Florida of the 50 states is the most effective state, Alabama, and Hawaii, after which Texas, which has a vaccine mandate ban. The worst by way of the variety of {cases} is Vermont. It is the — it is the fourth-highest or one of many worst. Fourth highest by way of {cases}, additionally the best proportion of totally vaccinated people.

So, it is Vermont that has a case drawback however not all of those wide-open states the place you may simply suck face with a stranger in Miami for those who really feel prefer it.


PERINO: Oh, wow.

WATTERS: Properly, then, Gutfeld will likely be reserving a flight later tonight. Two large trials kickoff for hate crime hoaxer Jussie Smollett and accused Epstein madame Ghislaine Maxwell.


MCDOWELL: Two high-profile trials beginning at present. Hate crime hoaxer Jussie Smollett about to face justice after years of delay. He is going through fees for submitting false police reviews over the phony assault he blamed on Trump supporters. Then there’s Ghislaine Maxwell’s intercourse trafficking trial. She’s accused of recruiting underage ladies for creepy pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. Greg?

GUTFELD: I bought to go together with the Smollett one as a result of I hold pondering what would occur if the races have been reversed, if there was a white creep who elaborated a hoax involving Black BLMers who brutalized him and now he will trial — what — how would that be checked out within the — within the media. It might be an enormous story. If he get — if he bought off.

I imply, the entire objective of this was to incite a race conflict. Why else would you do that? And there can be violence on the road if the white model of Jussie Smollett bought off. So, I feel that this deserves as a lot consideration as it will if that have been the case, as a result of I feel that is extremely essential. The objective — no matter he was making an attempt to do, was to harm Individuals and harm America and smear half the nation, so —

MCDOWELL: And beef up his personal profile —

GUTFELD: Proper, sure.

MCDOWELL: — on the similar time as a result of that is what will get you — get you juice.

RIVERA: Saved his profession, proper.


PERINO: Profile race, , mission completed on that time. And now — one factor that is a disappointment for me is that each of those trials won’t have cameras within the courtroom. So — whereas, within the Rittenhouse trial, you can comply with it on daily basis and you can be taught issues. Like, for instance, when the prosecution placed on the witness who stated, oh really, I did level a gun at Kyle Rittenhouse.


PERINO: All people watching the trial was in a position to see and listen to that. I feel that whoever is within the courtroom, they will do an excellent job of reporting it, nevertheless it will not be the identical. And for those who assume again to what occurred, when Jussie Smollett did this act, instantly there have been all of those politicians and celebrities popping out to defend him. The place are they now?

GUTFELD: Kamala Harris was proper in entrance.

PERINO: And Biden too.

WATTERS: To that time, a number of very — I might say, folks with superior levels in media and politics fell for a hoax whereas the remainder of the nation was like, OK, it is beneath freezing and you are not ordering meals delivered?


WATTERS: Like, you are saying a black man goes to attend with a noose round his neck for a half an hour like a necklace, that he isn’t going to take it off. I imply that is loopy.

GUTFELD: Beneath his collar.

WATTERS: And why this actually hits house? It is as a result of he was doing this to realize sympathy to renegotiate his cope with the Empire present. That was a Fox present. That cash would have come out of my pocketbook. How dare he?

RIVERA: You are $7 million. I feel Smollett will plead to certainly one of these fees of disorderly conduct. He has six disorderly conduct for submitting false police reviews. I feel that he’ll face with an insurmountable case, will plead responsible.

I’m outraged by the Maxwell case. You talked about Daryl Brooks, the creep who ran over his girlfriend, then killed six folks within the — within the parade, and he was at $1,000 bail. Ghislaine Maxwell has been in jail for 17 months for no bail. They gave her no bail. She is sitting in jail previous to trial accused, get this, of occasions that occurred between 1994 and 1999.

WATTERS: Geraldo, she’s a flight threat.

MCDOWELL: She a flight threat.

RIVERA: A flight threat. She supplied to place up a $28.5 million bond.

WATTERS: She’s going to flee to a rustic that has no extradition.

RIVERA: So, you are taking her, you throw her in solitary confinement —

MCDOWELL: Permit me to teach you on the federal bail legislation.

RIVERA: Solitary in 17 months.17 months.

WATTERS: You are defending a intercourse trafficker.

RIVERA: I’m defending justice.

WATTERS: An underaged intercourse trafficker.

RIVERA: The prosecutors on this case are responsible of political lawyering —

MCDOWELL: She deserves to sit down in jail.

RIVERA: Since you do not even know she’s responsible. How are you aware?

MCDOWELL: As a result of she’s a flight threat, as a result of she was hiding throughout COVID —

RIVERA: She was not hiding. She board a home in New Hampshire.

WATTERS: Sure she was.

MCDOWELL: Oh, sure, she was, a $1 million home.

RIVERA: They’re holding her as a result of they do not have a case.

MCDOWELL: Let me educate you actual fast. Let me communicate.

RIVERA: They haven’t any case.

MCDOWELL: It is a section I am working.

RIVERA: They’re making an attempt to —

MCDOWELL: Here is the federal — this is the federal bail legislation. You are allowed — in 1984, Congress handed federal bail legislation. You are allowed to disclaim bail on two grounds, flight threat and hazard to the neighborhood.

RIVERA: The place is Ghislaine Maxwell going to cover? The place is she going to cover?

WATTERS: In every single place.

MCDOWELL: She will cover abroad as a result of no one is aware of the place the cash is.

RIVERA: She’s been residing proper right here. That is ridiculous. Injustice.

MCDOWELL: Option to stand off for a intercourse trafficker.

RIVERA: Mob justice.

MCDOWELL: “ONE MORE THING” is subsequent.

RIVERA: Mob justice.


PERINO: It is time now for “ONE MORE THING.” Jesse.

WATTERS: A serious correction I have to subject about leeches. I stated they weren’t used within the medical neighborhood anymore. Dagen McDowell has knowledgeable me they’re used for breast augmentation surgical procedure across the nipple space after which additionally for face work for blood move scenario. Additionally, the U.Okay. Each day Mail simply retracted the story concerning the man threatening to bomb that golden nugget, however he did pimp out a 15-year-old and get her pregnant. That is what he is a intercourse offender for.

However what I am actually right here to speak about is John Wealthy and Mike Rowe, an unlikely duo have launched a model new tune referred to as Santa’s Bought A Soiled Job, and simply in time for Christmas. The tune is nice, so is the music video. Have a look.


JOHN RICH AND MIKE ROWE, SINGERS (singing in duet): Santa Clause has bought a grimy job. Santa Clause has bought a grimy job. Santa Clause has bought a grimy job and he does all of it evening lengthy.


WATTERS: So, 100% of the online proceeds are donated to mikeroweWORKS and Folds of Honor, two nice charities which can be making a distinction within the lives of expert trades, folks and households of vets. And purchase or stream the tune on Apple Music, Spotify, and each main music websites.

PERINO: Let’s get that one in primary as effectively.

WATTERS: Let’s do it.

PERINO: All proper, Greg.

GUTFELD: Ourselves do not speak. All proper, let’s do that.


GUTFELD: Animals are nice! Animals are nice! Animals are nice!


GUTFELD: That is proper. I have never performed this shortly. In honor of the brand new upcoming Intercourse within the Metropolis film, let’s check out this little fellow. Sure, that is a child spiny anteater, in any other case often called a short-beaked echidna which is on the Taronga Zoo in Sydney Australia. Individuals are saying, however what does this need to do with the brand new Intercourse and the Metropolis film?


GUTFELD: Determine it out?

WATTERS: What’s that alleged to imply?

PERINO: Tiny anteater?

GUTFELD: No, I do not know. I am not — I am simply going to depart it at that.

PERINO: OK. If I give it some thought in the midst of the evening, I am going to ship you a textual content.

GUTFELD: Sure, please ship me a textual content.

PERINO: I’ll do this. All proper, so —

WATTERS: Do not textual content him in the midst of the evening.

PERINO: OK. You are proper. You are proper. I am going to simply wait until the morning. OK, Thanksgiving, some folks marvel, can we — have we misplaced the which means of Thanksgiving? Properly, I do not assume so. There’s nonetheless some nice issues that occur on the market.

There is a girl named Susana Orrego and her husband Edward. They lately moved to Brookline, Massachusetts from Columbia. She research at Harvard, I consider. Sure, Harvard Medical College. So, she’s by no means had a Thanksgiving dinner with like conventional American household and meals. And so, she put a observe up on subsequent door, the app that everybody appears to like and hated.

And she or he bought 200 folks inviting them to dinner, full strangers invited them. They ended up going with Carol Lesser from Brookline and so they bought to be together with her household, have an instantaneous connection, and a good time. And I believed that was only a beautiful little Thanksgiving story —

WATTERS: Pretty.

PERINO: — on your Monday after the vacation. Dagen.

WATTERS: Everybody meet Grady Ogilvy from Australia, a human wrecking ball. I do not know if this has sound however —



MCDOWELL: Sure. I feel that we’d like some sound results, Greg.

PERINO: Crash, bang, increase.

MCDOWELL: There you go.

PERINO: Increase. All proper, Geraldo.

RIVERA: Geraldo’s abbreviated Geraldo information with Geraldo. We’re simply again, Erica, Sol, and I, stunning cruise of the West Indies on board the Seabourn Odyssey. We went to Saint Martin, Saint Barts, Saint Kitts, Barbados. It was nice.

PERINO: Did you go to Saint Kitts?

RIVERA: Oh, that is the — that is the cranberry sauce. I lastly had cranberry sauce.

PERINO: Did you go to Saint Kitts?

WATTERS: Oh, there he’s together with his shirt off.

PERINO: That is it for us. “SPECIAL REPORT” is up subsequent. Hello, Bret!

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