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The flight attendant recorded the children in the toilet. The airline blamed the 9-year-old

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The nine-year-old girl who was recorded in the bathroom of an American Airlines plane by a flight attendant is herself to blame for this situation, said the company in response to a lawsuit filed by the child's parents. A day later, however, the airline explained that such a statement was made in error and that it “takes the allegations regarding a former crew member very seriously.”

As described by CNN, a lawsuit was brought to a Texas district court in which the parents of 9-year-old Mary Doe argue that she was “secretly recorded while using the bathroom on an airplane.” The incident allegedly occurred in January 2023 during an American Airlines flight from Austin, Texas to Los Angeles. The person recording was supposed to be 37-year-old former flight attendant Estes Carter Thompson. The lawsuit is directed against both the airlines and the man himself. However, the girl's case is not the only one, as the flight attendant allegedly recorded several children during various cruises.

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The airline blamed the nine-year-old

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CNN describes that after a lawsuit against a man related to the 9-year-old's case was brought to court, American Airlines responded by blaming the girl herself for the incident and pointing to her “neglect”. On Tuesday, they issued a statement arguing that when she used the toilet, she “knew or should have known that there was a visible and illuminated recording device there.”

A flight attendant recorded children in the airplane's bathroomShutterstock/justice.gov

However, the airline quickly changed its assessment of the situation. Already on Wednesday, in a statement quoted by the media, it was explained that the response was the result of an error made by an external employee of the insurance company. “We do not believe in the guilt of this child and we take the allegations regarding the former crew member very seriously,” it was emphasized.

– I was shocked and outraged. As a lawyer, I understand that you need to defend yourself against possible charges, but I cannot imagine that it would ever be appropriate to blame a 9-year-old for filming herself in an airplane bathroom,” said Paul Llewellyn, representing the girl's family and the family of another victim who was also injured. recorded on another cruise. – These recordings may remain on the dark web forever. These poor young girls will have this in their minds for the rest of their lives, and their intimate photos are circulating on the Internet and we don't know who has them, he added.

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The steward is in custody

American media report that on April 26, Thompson, from Charlotte, North Carolina, was charged with, among others, child sexual abuse and possession of child pornography and that he is currently in custody. The whole case began when investigators were investigating the case of an injured 14-year-old girl. As explained by the Department of Justice USA in a press release, when she entered the restroom on a cruise between Charlotte and Boston, she found a hidden phone in the restroom with recording on. She took a photo of him with her device and immediately informed her parents about the situation, who notified the plane staff.

After law enforcement authorities took up the case, investigators found further recordings during a search of the steward's personal devices. They showed another four minors, including the mentioned 9-year-old, as well as other children aged 7 and 11. The recordings came from the period between January and August 2023. Children were recorded using the toilet on various American Airlines flights. The Department of Justice's announcement indicated that Thompson also had more than 50 photos of the 9-year-old, including those taken before the flight and while she was sleeping during the trip, with close-ups of her face. It also had hundreds of AI-generated images showing child pornography.

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Main photo source: Shutterstock/justice.gov

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