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The footbridge over the Warta River connected Poznań, the Suchy Las commune and Owińska

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“Good morning, we invite you to use the footbridge” – you can hear standing on the bank of the Warta River in the northernmost point of Poznań. Unfortunately, these are just test messages for now. The new crossing over the Warta River will be available in mid-July. For cyclists, it will become a convenient connection to attractions in the Czerwonak commune and the Zielonki Forest.

Its construction has been announced for years. – The idea of ​​a pedestrian and bicycle footbridge in Owińska was included in the Study of Conditions and Directions of Spatial Development of the City of Poznań adopted in 1999 – reveals Justyna Maćkowiak-Szukalska from the Czerwonak Commune Office.

Objective? Connect the Czerwonak commune, Suchy Las commune and the city of Poznań. Such a connection has been missing for years. The Lech Bridge, the last crossing of the Warta River in the north in Poznań, is located at the level of Bałtycka Street. It is 15 kilometers away from the bridge between Biedrusko and Promnice, which is another one that can be used by pedestrians and cyclists.

The footbridge is already standing

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It can be reached from the center of Poznań along the Warta River. However, the route through the Warta River area for family trips can be a big challenge. It may be more convenient to travel by bicycle along the tram route to Błażeja Street, and then along Boranta, Rubież and Bożewoja Streets to Nadwarciańska Street, along which the trail to Biedrusko runs.

Nadwarciańska Street

From the final tram stop at ul. Błażeja, it is about seven kilometers to the footbridge entrance.

Access to the footbridge from Naramowice30.06.TVN24

The road is partly asphalt, partly gravel. The last fragment to the footbridge itself is the least convenient. No new infrastructure for crossing the Warta on the western side of the river has been built.

The last section of the access to the footbridge from the side of Poznań

The last section of the access to the footbridge from the side of Poznań30.06.TVN24

“Good morning, we invite you to use the footbridge” – you can hear from the loudspeakers. Unfortunately, this is just a sound test for now. At the entrance there are barriers and a sign “construction area”. Finishing works are in progress, I heard.

To reach the other shore, you have to drive five more kilometers to the nearest bridge and back.

The contract for the construction of the footbridge was signed in October 2021. The first construction works started a month later.

The footbridge from the side of PoznańTVN24

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The footbridge consists of three spans of a suspended structure with a concrete bridge over 130 meters long. In addition to a convenient connection of both banks of the river, it will also be an attraction in itself. There was a viewpoint on it. From a height of 25 meters you will be able to take pictures with a view of the Warta River. One can only regret that the observation deck is not higher, because you could admire the panorama of Poznań from above the trees.

In mid-July, the footbridge will probably be crossed by the first people. There will also be an InfoKiosk on the premises, displaying passenger information and tourist curiosities from the surrounding communes.

And there is no shortage of these. On the eastern side of the Warta River, there is the Czerwonak commune, which has a lot to offer. The footbridge is located at the level of the former Cistercian monastery complex in Owińska, which currently houses the Special Educational Center for Blind Children.

Post-monastery complex of the Cistercian nuns in OwińskaTVN24

– It is a “gateway” to the Zielonka Forest and its neighboring attractions: a natural monument – the Bartek oak, the Akwen Tropicana bathing area with a green labyrinth, picturesque gravel reservoirs, a unique Park of Spatial Orientation and Scent Librariesa typhlological museum and post-Cistercian buildings – lists Maćkowiak-Szukalska.

The footbridge from the side of OwińskTVN24

Until now, there was no safe and comfortable bicycle path. Because driving along Gdyńska Street, full of trucks, two-lane in places, is definitely difficult to call recreation. The new footbridge, which is located 10 kilometers north of the Lech Bridge, is to change this. It is about six kilometers from the descent on the Owińsk side to the tower on Dziewicza Góra in the Zielonka Forest.

It will be a natural extension of the Warta River Bicycle Trail on the western bank of the Warta and bicycle trails on the eastern side (e.g. Cistercian Bicycle Trail, Wooden Churches Trail).

The footbridge is not overflowing yetTVN24

Interestingly, both banks of the Warta were once connected in this place. From the 13th century to the 1940s, a ferry crossing operated here, connecting Radojewo with Owińska.

The investment cost PLN 27 million. The Czerwonak commune shared the costs with the city of Poznań, the Poznań poviat and the Suchy Las commune. The project is co-financed by the European Union under the Wielkopolska Regional Operational Program for 2014 – 2020.

Main photo source: TVN24

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