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The former owners will not recover the plot in the Chomicz Park. The voivode admitted the complaints

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The Masovian Voivode admitted the complaint of the city and the “Chomiczówka” housing cooperative, questioning the return to the former owners of the plot in the Chomicza Park, informed the Warsaw Construction and Housing Cooperative “Chomiczówka”.

Battle for a plot located in the Chomicza Park on Bielany has been going on since the 90s. The city wants the whole area to be recreational and serve all residents, as it has been so far. The starost of the west of Warsaw had a slightly different opinion, which in his decision of 2020 ruled on the return of the plot to the former owners.


His decision was appealed by: the Masovian Voivode, the Bielany City Hall and WSBM Chomiczówka, which leased the area.

Voivode’s decision

“The voivode shared the arguments contained in the appeal, among others, regarding the qualification of the land as recreational. It was strongly indicated that the purpose of the property (the recreational function of green areas within the Chomiczówka housing estate) has not changed from the very beginning, as specified in the location decision referred to in the notarial deed and in accordance with with the original technical and economic assumptions for the construction of the estate “- the cooperative said.

However, this is not the end of the fight for Park Chomicza. The cooperative expects the former owners to challenge the decision to administrative courts. “We hope that they will confirm the voivode’s decision” – Chomiczówka told WSBM.

“The disputed area was expropriated several dozen years ago due to the plans to build the Chomiczówka estate. The estate was built, but the plot of land including today’s park was not developed. According to the heirs of the former owners, since the plot has not been developed, it should be returned. Włodzimierz did not agree with this claim. Piątkowski – deputy mayor of Bielany district and WSBM Chomiczówka Cooperative “- reminded Grzegorz Pietruczuk, mayor of Bielany on Facebook.

“In the appeals submitted in January 2021, they showed that the goal of expropriation had been achieved. The recreational areas of the present Chomicz Park were part of the implementation plan of Kolonia No. 1 and No. 2 of the Chomiczówka estate from the 1970s. social needs of their inhabitants, ie leaving the spaces free from buildings. The arguments were taken into account by the Masovian voivode by issuing a decision refusing to return “- we read in the entry.

The joy of the voivode’s decision is also not hidden by the Bielany councilor Krystian Lisiak, who actively joined the defense of Chomicz Park. – This is a breakthrough in the matter – the councilor told PAP. – This area has always been recreational, although the starost believed that it should be developed. I would like to thank the residents who responded to my appeal and sent photos documenting that this area was a place for residents to rest. It certainly helped as well – emphasized Lisiak.

About the park and its patron

The Bolesław Chomicz Park is located near al. Reymonta and ul. Conrad. In 2011, the Union of Volunteer Fire Brigades of the Republic of Poland applied for a patron.

Bolesław Chomicz was one of the founders of the Polish volunteer firefighting. From 1922 he was the president of the Main Union of Fire Brigades of the Republic of Poland. During World War II, he was the president of the underground Fire Brigade Association. In September 1939, he was wounded during the defense of Warsaw. During the occupation, he co-founded the “Skała” Fire Resistance Movement, and organized help for the fighting ghetto.

From the name of his family, which from the beginning of the 20th century had a house on the site of the former Wawrzyszew farm and warehouses for a family company dealing in seed breeding, the area was called Chomiczówka.

Main photo source: Artur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl

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