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The foundation associated with Paweł Kukiz received PLN 4.3 million. The guests of “Kampania without Putty” comment

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Paweł Kukiz and his MPs sold out to PiS from the very beginning. They are not even politicians, they are salesmen, these are people who deceived their voters – said PO MP Marta Wcisło in the program “Kampania #BezKitu” on TVN24. In this way, she commented on the reports on a subsidy worth PLN 4.3 million for a foundation associated with Kukiz. “We have no parliamentary control over what the government does,” said Wladyslaw Teofil Bartoszewski, MP of the PSL-Polish Coalition.

Wirtualna Polska reported that Foundation “You can Poland!” associated with Paweł Kukiz, thanks to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, she received PLN 4.3 million. The head of government issued an order in this matter 10 days after Kukiz complained in the media that he had no money for political activity. The questions about the subsidy asked by TVN24 reporter Radomir Wit were answered by the Government Information Centre. CIR wrote back that “the offer met the formal requirements set out in the provisions of the act” and “the reasons for increasing the awareness and knowledge of citizens in the field of direct democracy spoke in favor of commissioning this task”.

Wcisło: it’s buying votes

– Terrible information, although not surprising, an obvious political deal – commented the MP in the program “Kampania #BezKitu” AFTER Marta Wcislo. In her opinion, “this is buying the votes of the parliamentary majority”. – At every step, the ruling party distributes public money, but not to those who expect it and should get it, but to those who are mediocre but faithful – she said.

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– I remember the words Paweł Kukizwho said: spit in my face if I become a politician. I wonder at what point this should happen. Because Paweł Kukiz and his MPs sold out from the very beginning PiS. These are not even politicians, these are salesmen, these are people who deceived their voters – said Wcisło.

She admitted that she did not believe Paweł Kukiz because he “sees how he votes”. – They are in agreement with PiS, they will most likely be on PiS lists. This is a political deal. Paweł Kukiz and such politicians should not be in the Sejm, she argued.

Bartoszewski: We have no parliamentary control over what the government does

PSL-Polish Coalition MP Władysław Teofil Bartoszewski also admitted that “there is no transparency” in the matter of granting subsidies by the current authorities. – There are plenty of foundations that get money, there are many foundations that do not get any money, even though they are equally well-deserved, maybe more – he said.

In his article, WP points out that on January 31, in Radio Zet, Paweł Kukiz admitted that he no longer had money for political activity. Just 10 days later, on February 10, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki issued an order to allocate money to a foundation associated with Kukiz. Express, because four days later – February 14 – Ministry of Finance decided to “distribute” these funds, i.e. transfer them to the foundation.

– Who will stop the Prime Minister? The situation is that we have no parliamentary control over what the government does. And the government distributes public money after being careful – said Bartoszewski.

He expressed the opinion that “Paweł Kukiz has some quite reasonable ideas”, for example, on changing the electoral system, which in his opinion were “pro-civic”. However, he is following a path that I do not support, because he has allied himself with PiS, which is certainly not pro-civic – he added.

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