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The fourth coronavirus wave. More and more children are hospitalized with COVID-19. The course of the disease can be difficult

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More and more children with COVID-19 end up in hospitals. As doctors say, they have not seen such a situation during the previous coronavirus waves in Poland. Lidia Stopyra from the pediatric hospital. Stefan Żeromski in Krakow stressed that some hospitalized children “are in a serious condition, with respiratory failure”. Krzysztof Zeman from the Polish Mother’s Health Center in Lodz admitted that “the previous waves in pediatrics were relatively calm, now it is different”. Mothers of sick toddlers shared their stories with TVN24 reporters. – Apparently, children do not suffer from COVID and go through it asymptomatically, and this is a drama – assessed one of them.

The fourth wave of coronavirus in Poland has led to more and more children being hospitalized due to COVID-19. – Of course, most children may have SARS-CoV-2 infection asymptomatically or asymptomatically. In this wave, however, we see a lot of children who require oxygen therapy, bronchodilators, inhalations that require the administration of antiviral drugs. There was not a single child in those waves who required antiviral treatment, says Sławomira Niedźwiecka, pediatrician at the Pomeranian Center for Infectious Diseases and Tuberculosis in Gdańsk.

He adds that there are several children with COVID-19 at their hospital. It is similar in other Tricity facilities. In the hospital on Polanki in Gdańsk A 10-year-old boy lies unconscious under a respirator after contracting the coronavirus and is fighting for his life.

Pediatrician: we have not had so many cases of COVID-19 in children in any wave >>>

Children in the covid ward at the hospital in Gdańsk6.12 | Children in the covid ward at the hospital in GdańskTVN24

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Accounts of mothers of children with COVID-19: this is a drama

– Apparently, children do not suffer from COVID-19 and have it asymptomatically, which is not true. This is a drama. Children go through very hard, sometimes I have the impression that it is even worse than adults, says a woman, crying, whose daughter is at the Pomeranian Center for Infectious Diseases and Tuberculosis. – There is a concept of “covid fog”. She exists. The daughter does not react very much to what is happening – she describes.

Another mother tells a TVN24 reporter that the onset of her son’s disease was “very difficult”. – The temperature was up to 41 degrees, no antipyretic pills helped, we couldn’t bring it down. There was no cough and runny nose, we were tired of the temperature. We came here a week ago on Wednesday, there is already improvement, but unfortunately the lab tests are still lame, he says.

Another mother, when asked if she will vaccinate herself after what her son has gone through, replies without hesitation: – There is no other option. (…) It was quite hard, including losing consciousness.

Basically all patients who came to us with symptoms of COVID-19 are unvaccinated patients.

According to Lidia Stopyra, head of the infectious diseases ward at the pediatric hospital. Stefan Żeromski in Krakow, the doctors of this facility also observe an increased number of cases. – We are dealing with a variant of the virus that is particularly infectious. We have practically no lockdown, we do not have the rules of the (sanitary) regime in force and enforced. As a result, the number of infections increases, the doctor assesses.

He emphasizes that not all infections are reflected in the statistics. – We observe that a lot of patients are not tested. Whole families of several people are ill, while single (people) have a test performed. A lot of commercial tests are carried out (…) and all these results escape us from the statistics. Only when the child’s condition worsens, when the child is admitted to the hospital, do they say that four or five days ago there was a positive test result – explains Dr. Stopyra.

Almost 40 little patients are hospitalized in the Krakow hospital. These are both newborns that last several hours, as well as older children and teenagers. – Some are in serious condition, with respiratory failure, invasive ventilation. (…) These are children who require oxygen, require intravenous hydration and administer intravenous drugs. Basically all patients who came to us with COVID-19 symptoms are unvaccinated patients – emphasizes the doctor

Children also get COVID-19

Children also get COVID-19TVN24

“If it wasn’t for COVID-19, they would have survived”

Dr. Stopyra emphasizes that although no patient has died in her ward yet, there are also deaths among children.

– In Poland, we have several dozen deaths up to the age of 18, in the United States, which provide statistics for children up to the age of 21, there are almost a thousand of these deaths – says the TVN24 interviewer. He explains that those children who die after being infected with the coronavirus are often burdened with other diseases. – But not all of them – he reserves. There are also – he adds – children who have other diseases, but “if it were not for COVID-19, they would have survived.” Adding COVID-19 causes such a disease to end tragically – he warns.

Doctor: Earlier waves in pediatrics were fairly calm, now it’s different

– We learn, but unfortunately the virus also learns. Although the previous waves in pediatrics were relatively calm, it is different now, says Professor Krzysztof Zeman, head of the Department of Paediatrics, Immunology and Nephrology of the Institute of the Polish Mother’s Health Center. In an interview with a reporter, TVN24 informs that there are nine small COVID-19 patients in “Polish Mother” who require highly specialized medical assistance.

– Our isolation unit is full, we are taking steps to be able to admit more patients. The situation is similar in the Bieganski hospital, where children with COVID-19 are also treated, says Professor Zeman.

He adds that medics are not surprised that the coronavirus turns out to be dangerous for children, although a few months ago it was said that this group tolerates the coronavirus infection mildly. – Medicine observed a similar phenomenon during other large epidemics. Some time after the appearance of the virus, it attacks another variant that is dangerous for those who have not been sick before, says the professor.

He emphasizes that parents of infected children should be “vigilant.” He points out that the alarm may be a fever, which is not cured by antipyretics. “Of course, this is not the only symptom. You should react when you notice a deteriorating health of the child,” he emphasizes.

Professor Krzysztof Zeman reminds that children are exposed to the pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome. pediatric inflammatory multisystem syndrome, PIMS for short). It is a consequence of a recent coronavirus infection, often asymptomatic. There are more and more PIMS cases around the world. – This is one of the worst complications after COVID-19. Last year, we confirmed that we treated over 40 patients with PIMS in our hospital, says Prof. Zeman.

Professor Zeman: COVID-19 is also dangerous for children

Professor Zeman: COVID-19 is also dangerous for childrenTVN24 Lodz

“Vaccinate, vaccinate and vaccinate again”

Sławomir Niedźwiecka from the Pomeranian Center for Infectious Diseases and Tuberculosis in Gdańsk, when asked what to do to protect children from COVID-19, replies: – Vaccinate, vaccinate and vaccinate again.

– At the moment we know that from December 13 it will be possible to vaccinate children over 5 years of age, we can see that 12-year-old children who were vaccinated for the first time, if they come to us, the course is much milder and they are children who are burdened other diseases, exactly like in adults – he explains.


The European Medicines Agency (EMA) recommended on Thursday the use of the BioNTech / Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in children aged 5 to 11 years. For children in this age group, the dose of the vaccine will be lower than for children 12 years of age and over. The method of administration, intramuscularly and in two doses, remains the same. The interval between the first dose and the second dose should be – as standard with this type of COVID-19 vaccine – three weeks.

The spokesman of the Ministry of Health, Wojciech Andrusiewicz, announced the possible start date of vaccination among children against coronavirus. – Within the limits of December 11-12, the Ministry of Health will issue e-referrals – he handed over.

Vaccinations for the age group 12-18 have already been launched.

Main photo source: TVN24

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