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The French included the right to abortion in the constitution. “Poland is given as a shameful example”

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This is a historic day for the French and a signal to the world. The French parliament voted to include the right to abortion in the constitution. The vast majority of French people were in favor of recognizing abortion as a fundamental right of every woman. There were no political disputes either. Both liberals and the right voted “yes”.

This is a way to secure once and for all a woman’s right to decide about her own body and her own life. – No one will ever be able to change this law. No majority. No matter what government comes, says Dagmara Caigenc, a Pole living in France. This is how the decision to include the right to abortion in the French constitution is explained by all those who support it – and there are many of them. President Emmanuel Macron convened a special congress of both houses of parliament on Monday in Versailles to vote on adding another guaranteed freedom to the most important legal act in the country.

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The proposal to change the constitution was first submitted by leftist MP Mathilde Panot. Then it was passed by the National Assembly and last Wednesday by the Senate. – We hope that this decision will have a positive impact on other European countries and that it will lead to positive developments in the situation. Especially in Poland, Hungary and those countries that are lagging behind in this respect, emphasizes Laura Slimani, activist of the women’s rights organization Fondation des Femmes.

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The need was born out of fear. French women looked with concern at the events in Poland and the United States, where in recent years some of the rights previously granted to women had been taken away. In the case of Poland, the Constitutional Tribunal removed the grounds for terminating a pregnancy resulting from serious damage to the fetus. – In various sources in France, Poland is cited as a shameful example of changing this law – emphasizes Dagmara Caignec.

The Third Way presents its plan to liberalize abortion regulations

The Third Way presents its plan to liberalize abortion regulationsMarzanna Zielińska/Fakty TVN

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In America, the decision was made by the Supreme Court. After half a century, he stated that there is no mention of abortion in the Constitution, therefore regulations are the responsibility of individual states. Therefore, the conservative ones began to tighten the regulations, even leading to a complete ban on abortion – also in cases of rape.

– The French, but also citizens of other countries, realized that what is written in law can be undone. There was a panic effect in feminist circles and they wanted to constitutionally secure this possibility – explains Pascal Moriniere from the French Association of Catholic Families. This solution has broad public support. November data from the National Opinion Research Institute shows that as many as 86 percent of French people are in favor. The regulations regarding treatments themselves are supported by almost the same number of respondents.

The Congress of the French Parliament adopted a law on including the right to abortion in the constitutionPAP/EPA/CHRISTOPHE PETIT TESSON

Women have had the right to abortion in France since 1974. The Act was updated several times. The last modification took place in February 2022. Since then, the procedure can be performed not until the 12th but the 14th week of pregnancy. The treatment is preceded and ended by a consultation. In the case of minors, also with a psychologist. Abortion is also being debated in neighboring Spain. In 2023, the local Constitutional Tribunal maintained the right to the procedure until the 14th week of pregnancy. Previously, the right-wing Vox party wanted to introduce a provision in the regional parliament of Castile forcing women to listen to the fetal heartbeat before the procedure and watch an ultrasound.

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