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Thursday, October 21, 2021

The fuel crisis in Great Britain. The soldiers will help with the supplies

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From Monday, soldiers will help deliver fuel to gas stations, the British government announced. This is one of the measures to end delivery problems resulting from the insufficient number of drivers. The rulers uphold the opinion that fuel will not run out if people buy it in normal amounts.

Almost 200 soldiers, including 100 drivers, were trained this week by transport companies, learning how to fill tanks and operate fuel pumps, and the first deliveries by the military will take place early Monday morning.

“While things are stabilizing, our armed forces are there to fill any critical vacancies and help keep the country moving by helping the industry deliver fuel to the stations,” Defense Minister Ben Wallace said.


The fuel crisis in Great Britain

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The British government maintains that fuel will not run out if people buy it in normal quantities, and says that the situation at gas stations is improving, with more fuel being supplied more often than sold. But it acknowledges that some parts of the country are still more affected than others. The most difficult situation is in London and in the regions of South East Anglia, East Anglia and East Midlands.

In addition, to alleviate the current supply problems in the short term, the UK government has announced that it will allow foreign fuel tanker drivers and food transport drivers to start working in the UK immediately – on a temporary basis.

According to this plan, 300 tanker drivers will be able to come to Great Britain immediately and stay for work until the end of March 2022, and 4,700 drivers who transport food will be able to come from the end of October and stay until the end of February 2022. 5,500 workers from the poultry sector could also come from the end of October, and they will be able to stay until December 31, 2021.

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Main photo source: PAP / EPA / NEIL HALL

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