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The garbage conflict in Goleniów continues. The mayor’s dispute with the city council over the fees for the collection of waste. Inhabitants are drowning in garbage

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The “garbage conflict” in Goleniów not only has not been resolved yet, but also the situation of some residents has even worsened. They can no longer even take the rubbish themselves to the waste collection point, because this has been closed. The mayor calls an extraordinary session of the city council.

The garbage mountains in Goleniów are growing. From September 8, Goleniów remains without a waste collection contract – we described the situation on September 11. The reason is the conflict between the mayor, who wants higher fees for garbage collection, and the councilors who do not agree.

Only some housing communities decided to sign individual waste disposal agreements and the situation has stabilized there. However, most of the streets have mountains of rubbish.

Odor and rats

In addition, the Municipal Waste Collection Point was closed – so far, residents could bring waste there themselves. The reason is the lack of space, the warehouses are completely full.

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“The worst thing is that rats can show up at any moment.” This is a very big problem – assesses one of the inhabitants of Goleniów. – He’s starting to smell. Especially bio from these brown containers – adds the second. Most of the people interviewed by TVN24 reporters blame Mayor Robert Krupowicz for the situation. This explains that the city has been subsidizing the disposal of rubbish for years. Over the last six years, PLN 9 million has been paid from the budget for this purpose.

Therefore, since last year, the mayor has been calling for the city council to establish an increase in fees for garbage collection. First, he wanted an increase from PLN 12 to PLN 31 per inhabitant, then he agreed to an increase to PLN 21.

Goleniów is drowning in dirtTVN24


The garbage stalemate

– If we decide to finance the collection and management of municipal waste with budget money from the taxes of our residents, then we limit the investment possibilities of the commune to a practically minimum. As a commune, we eat our family silverware – explains Krupowicz. On Friday, he called an extraordinary session of the city council. He hopes to break the deadlock.

Some city residents and local politicians want the mayor to be dismissed and a board of trustees to be appointed.

Main photo source: TVN24

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