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The Gdańsk psychiatric hospital has suspended admissions to the children and adolescents ward because it is overcrowded

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There will be no new admissions at the Provincial Psychiatric Hospital in Gdańsk for now – neither children nor adolescents. Currently, 69 patients are hospitalized in the ward for 46 places. Therefore, the hospital management urgently met with the Pomeranian authorities.

The beds in the hospital corridor are so densely packed that it is difficult to squeeze between them. Extra bed chasing extra bed. The situation is not much better in patient rooms. A young patient may forget about privacy and intimacy, which is why the management of the Provincial Psychiatric Hospital in Gdańsk puts a barrier on new admissions to the Children’s and Adolescent Ward.

On Friday, there were 76 patients in the nominal 46 beds, and currently – 69. – We are breaking new records, and these children need to be kept safe so that nothing happens, and with this number of patients and limited medical and therapeutic staff, it is difficult to talk about the correct and proper therapy – explains Mariusz Kaszubowski, director of the facility.

Due to the crowded conditions in the inpatient ward, it is difficult to have normal contact between a doctor and a young patient, and in the evenings and at night, any care for children who have attempted suicide or are severely depressed is an illusion.

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– Even this crowd is a trauma. As in any overcrowded or crowded situation, aggression naturally arises, also in children, says Jędrzej Nowaczyk, a psychiatrist from the Provincial Psychiatric Hospital in Gdańsk.

The hospital management is meeting urgently with the Pomeranian authorities because – as he emphasizes – intervention is needed immediately. – We will try to provide information to emergency medical teams to limit the direct transport of patients to this current unit – says Jerzy Karpiński, Pomeranian provincial doctor.

Months of waiting for a psychiatric consultation for children. “Prevention is in its infancy in our country”Katarzyna Górniak/Fakty TVN

Most attempts were recorded in Pomerania

To relieve the overcrowded ward, ambulances with patients should simply bypass the Provincial Psychiatric Hospital in Gdańsk. There will probably be fewer young patients in the facility, but – after the officials’ decision – new patients will not simply disappear.

– If new people arrive who need support, they are directed to other facilities not only in Pomerania, but also throughout Poland – assures Agnieszka Kapała-Sokalska, member of the board of the Pomeranian Voivodeship.

Pomerania is the voivodeship where most young people try to commit suicide. – Children are overstimulated, they live in a digital world. Parents are often very busy – points out Mariusz Kaszubowski, director of the Provincial Psychiatric Hospital in Gdańsk.

Suicide attempts among children and adolescentsGrowSPACE Foundation

Overcrowding in child psychiatry in Gdańsk is a never-ending problem. Over the years, the extra bed on a mattress has turned into an extra bed on a bed, but there are still not enough of them. – Beds do not heal, so the situation is on the verge of safety – points out Agnieszka Kapała-Sokalska.

There is still a lack of specialist doctors, clinics or community care centers where the patient could go instead of an overcrowded hospital.

Main photo source: Provincial Psychiatric Hospital in Gdańsk

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