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The General Staff of the Polish Army announces troop movements from Monday in connection with the Steadfast Defender 2024 exercises

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From Monday, February 12, there will be increased traffic of military vehicles on the roads of almost the entire country, related to the Steadfast Defender 2024 exercises and their Polish part Dragon-24 – announced the General Staff of the Polish Army, asking not to publish photos showing army movements. It was emphasized that “the exercises are of a defensive nature and are not directed against any country.”

90,000 soldiers from 31 NATO member countries and Sweden, which is on the accession path to the Alliance. They officially started on January 24 and will last until the end of May. Most of the activities will take place in Central European countries, including Poland.

The General Staff of the Polish Army announced in a statement on Thursday that the movements of military vehicles will start on Monday, February 12 and will last until the end of May. The army will move in almost all voivodeships, on highways, expressways and national roads.

“The column rides will also be used as a training element, among others, to retrain the reception and transfer of allied forces, coordination of cross-border activities and cooperation with host countries,” the SGWP statement noted.

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The General Command of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces also announced the same. “From February 12, 2024, until the end of May, military vehicles will move on highways, expressways and national roads almost throughout the country,” it was written.

The General Staff warns against “ill-considered activities on the Internet”

The military also appealed for data protection and not to publish information and photos showing troop movements and their location, dates and times of individual columns, or information about aircraft takeoffs and landings. “Let us be aware of the threats! Any ill-considered action on the Internet, publishing photos showing important military facilities, installations and devices may have negative consequences for the security and defense system,” appealed the General Staff.

It was assured that the movement of military vehicles would be coordinated to minimize traffic disruption. “The columns will be escorted and secured by the Military Police and traffic control units of the Polish Army, in cooperation with the Police. The regroupings have also been coordinated with the relevant authorities, including local ones,” it was reported.

“We appeal to drivers to be particularly careful. We would like to remind you that you should not drive between military vehicles traveling in a column. We apologize for the inconvenience,” it added.

Steadfast Defender 2024 exercises

Poland is one of the host countries of the Steadfast Defender 2024 exercise. One of the elements of the exercise will be the reception of equipment and soldiers from allied armed forces in the country. The exercise will also include the Polish national Dragon-24 exercise, which will involve approximately 15,000 people. Polish soldiers, supported by approximately 5,000 soldiers from allied countries and 3,500 pieces of equipment from the 10th NATO countries.

Exercise Steadfast Defender 2024 is the North Atlantic Alliance’s response to the attack Russia on Ukraine and Russian threats against NATO countries. They are intended to verify NATO’s ability to quickly mobilize and transport American troops in order to “strengthen Europe’s defense.”

The maneuvers will be carried out in the area from the Atlantic to NATO’s eastern flank and will take the form of a conflict scenario with an “enemy of comparable size.” About 50 warships, 80 aircraft and 1,100 combat vehicles will take part in the exercises.

The General Staff emphasizes that “the exercises are of a defensive nature and are not directed against any country.”

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