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The Germans intercepted a Russian plane. He flew without any special equipment

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As we read in the Luftwaffe announcement, German Eurofighter jets intercepted a Russian Il-20 plane over the Baltic Sea, known under the NATO code name COOT-A. The units of our western neighbors have started from Lielvarde air base on Latvia.

The Il-20 is a reconnaissance machine of Soviet production, intended for imaging and electronic recognition. The German Air Force reported that the unit was moving without transponderi.e. the device necessary for location and state identification in the “self-stranger” system.

Russian plane intercepted over the Baltic Sea. The Luftwaffe intervened

This isn't the first time planes NATO carry out this type of action. There were three similar interventions in February near the Polish border – then also Russian machines Il-20 and Il-78 were moving in the airspace the Baltic states.

The Alliance's announcement stated that the planes did not submit a flight plan and did not maintain contact with the Regional Air Traffic Control Center.

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Another intervention also took place at the end of Januarywhen the Luftwaffe also scrambled their fighters to escort a Russian military plane also flying without transponder signal at the Baltic sea. The machine was approaching the German island of Rügen, less than 100 km from Polish.

It turned out that it was the plane spotted in international airspace Russian military Il-20M.

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