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The GIS has issued an orange drink batch warning

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The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate has issued a warning regarding a batch of Orangina Regular and Freeway Orange drinks due to the risk of small pieces of plastic getting into the product.

As part of a public warning regarding food, GIS announced that Refresco Sp. z o. o. informed about a preventive, voluntary withdrawal from the market and from consumers of the indicated batches of Orangina Regular and Freeway Orange, due to the risk of small plastic fragments entering the product.

There are three products. These are: Orangina Regular, 0.5 L, lot number: 1324534 and minimum durability date: 10/2023; Orangina Regular, 1.4 L, lot number: 1324048 and minimum durability date: 10/2023; Freeway, Orange 20 percent. juice, 2 L, batch number: 1323818 and minimum durability date: 26/08/2023.

The producer of the beverages is REFRESCO Spółka z o. o. with its registered office in Kęty, ul. Fabryczna 8, 32-650 Kęty. Orangina Regular is distributed by Orangina Schweppes Polska Sp. z o. o., and the distributor of the Freeway Orange drink is Lidl sp. z oo sp. k.

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The distributor withdraws a batch of product from the market

GIS informed that the distributor of Orangina in Poland, in cooperation with the manufacturer, is conducting the process of voluntary withdrawal of the above-mentioned batches of the product from the market and from consumers in Poland. On the website http://orangina.pl/home, the distributor has posted information for consumers about the details of the recall.

Lidl sp. z oo sp. k. immediately after receiving information about the non-compliance from Refresco sp. z oo started the procedure of withdrawing one batch of the Freeway Orange product.

Only products from the above-mentioned batches are affected by the recall. The official food inspection bodies, in cooperation with the operators, are investigating the case and are monitoring the withdrawal process.

Do not consume products from the batches indicated in the message. On the website of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, warnings regarding food or products intended to come into contact with food are regularly published.

These announcements – as the GIS emphasizes – are not used to stigmatize entrepreneurs, but to take immediate action: return products to the store or withdraw them from the assortment. Thanks to cooperation with companies from the food industry, consumers can be quickly and effectively informed about the threat.

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