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The government has adopted the RES Act. There will be more energy clusters

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The Council of Ministers adopted a draft amendment to the Act on Renewable Energy Sources (RES). Thanks to the new solutions, the number of energy clusters in Poland is to increase to about 300, the Prime Minister’s office announced on Tuesday.

“There are currently approx. 66 energy clusters operating on the market. It is assumed that thanks to the new solutions, approx. 300 such entities will be created in Poland by 2029” – stated in the communiqué after the Tuesday meeting of the government at which the draft act amending the act on renewable energy sources and some other laws. As emphasized in the communication, the project provides for solutions aimed at further increasing the share of renewable sources in domestic energy consumption. The new regulations will also adjust Polish law to the regulations of the European Union when it comes to promoting the use of energy from renewable sources.

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The government wants to encourage entrepreneurs to set up energy clusters

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One of the most important solutions is to introduce an improvement for energy clusters, i.e. agreements between locally operating entities that organize themselves to produce, distribute and store electricity for their own needs for the benefit of their community members. The new regulations meet the need to ensure transparent rules of cooperation within energy clusters, including administrative and legal improvements and a dedicated support system. According to the government, the new regulations will encourage investors to make decisions related to the construction of installations for biomethane production. This also applies to the extension and reconstruction of the existing gas networks in terms of enabling the injection of biomethane. As explained, producers of biomethane from biogas or agricultural biogas will be allowed to lead in this respect economic activity and use the support system specified in the Act.

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Renewable energy sources with a greater role in district heating

The new regulations are also intended to increase the role of renewable energy sources in heating and cooling, e.g. by clarifying the provisions on the priority of purchasing heat from renewable sources and thermal waste treatment installations, as well as waste heat.

In addition, the possibility of issuing and settling guarantees of heat and cold origin from RES will be introduced in order to promote and attract interest in ecological methods of heat generation. Thanks to the amendment, the development of offshore wind farms is to be intensified and auction volumes will be increased from 5 to 12 GW in the years 2025-2031. On the basis of the new legal solutions, the National RES Contact Point for investors is to be established. Thanks to this solution, investors will be able to more easily obtain information on permitting and administrative procedures related to investments in renewable energy sources.

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