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The government in vitro program has started. “The breakthrough that led to normality”

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You can make an appointment by phone or online, or you can go to the clinic in person. There were people with queues in front of them. Registration for the in vitro program reimbursed by the state started officially on June 1, and practically on June 3. Thousands of families have been waiting for this for years.

Laboratories are ready because in vitro reimbursement has started. – When it comes to interest, it is huge – comments Dr. Mirosław Szlachcic, a gynecologist from the “Medistica” Infertility Treatment Clinic. – Currently, there are over 1,000 reports – informs Dr. Tomasz Dworniak, gynecologist and obstetrician, medical director of “Invimed”.

Nearly 60 clinics in the country

Depending on the clinic, couples register by phone, online or in person. The queue in front of one of them shows how much it was necessary for infertility treatment to finally be subsidized by the state.

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– The scale of interest is large and we are not surprised because we had no refunds in Poland – comments Michał Radwan.

Infertile couples can visit one of nearly 60 clinics in the country. Importantly – with medical documentation. – We ask that if (couples – editor's note) contact us, that they provide us with all the results – says Mirosław Szlachcic. – A documented year of ineffective infertility treatment – adds Tomasz Dworniak.

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The government's in vitro fertilization reimbursement program starts on June 1. Who will be able to use it?Adrianna Otręba/Fakty TVN

Possibility of unlimited consultations with a psychologist

Infertility treatment will be widely reimbursed – it will include not only the in vitro procedure, but also additional techniques supporting its success.

– If necessary, we perform additional tests, try to determine the causes of failures, or we are happy if we are successful – says Dr. Grzegorz Mrugacz from the “Bocian” Infertility Treatment, Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic in Białystok.

Couples also get the opportunity to have unlimited consultations with a psychologist, which is important because treatment, especially for women, can be physically and mentally exhausting. – It is a very modern program on a European scale – admits Michał Radwan.

But the program still requires further clarification on issues such as financing of genetic testing of embryos and reimbursement of in vitro fertilization from frozen eggs.

From July, hormonal stimulation drugs for women will be widely reimbursed.

“This is a breakthrough that led to normality”

The first pregnancies under the government program can be expected in August. In Europe, children conceived using the in vitro method constitute almost 10 percent of all births. In Poland, only slightly over two percent.

Until now, Poland was the only country in the European Union that did not reimburse in vitro fertilization. – This is normal. This is a breakthrough that led to normality – sums up Michał Radwan.

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